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by on April 13, 2021
The Polyester Flag Fabric printing seems to be surrounded by many “myths and legends”. Our clients often have problems with understanding and choosing the right method, which has a colossal effect on the final result of their work. Whether your project turns out exactly as you planned depends on the choice of the right printing method, medium and type of dye. Since we have not found a comprehensive and substantive summary anywhere on the Internet, we decided to collect everything in one place. W...
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by on April 6, 2021
Polyester Flag Fabric is a generalised term for any fabric or textile, which is made using polyester yarns or fibres. It is a shortened name for a synthetic, man-made polymer, which, as a specific material, is most commonly referred to as a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is made by mixing ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. That all sounds extremely scientific, but basically, polyester is a kind of plastic. Uses of polyester flag fabric: Sportswear Fleeces Coats and an...
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by on March 30, 2021
What is Polyester Fabric? We decided to now focus on Polyester Flag Fabric! Like nylon, polyester is one of the most popular synthetics in the world. It’s a plastic that is in everyday products but is also fibers for making fabrics. You also live your entire life with polyester by your side whether you know it or not. From fabric to your own computer, polyester is somewhere in your life so it’s time to find out more about it! CREATING POLYESTER Polyester is a polymer, meaning it is a plasti...
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by on March 23, 2021
It is such a popular choice for apparel because Sportswear Fabric is thermoplastic, or heat-sensitive. This means that fabrics, which are 100% polyester, can be given permanent pleats and decorative shapes and patterns can be laser-cut into them. They are also highly stain-resistant, so great for cleaning. You might notice that when a garment is 100% polyester, that is it prone to static build up. This is a nightmare when it comes to ensuring your hair looks good, and you might find yourself ...
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by on March 16, 2021
Whether it’s for fashion, performance, design, or interiors (home, carpet/rug), polyester has evolved into the most versatile fabric and fiber in the world. Sportswear Fabric is a man-made product that is constantly changing and improving. Although it is not a natural product such as cotton or wool, it does offer many advantages over these materials. WHERE DID POLYESTER COME FROM? Polyester is a synthetic polymer commonly called PET, short for polyethylene terephthalate, used in carpet and f...
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by on March 9, 2021
The sublimation Polyester fabric is a polymer, meaning it is a plastic that has a molecular structure of a large number of similar units bonded together. Think of it like a metal chain with repeating links. It is a synthetic fiber made by a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol. In this reaction, two or more molecules combine to make a large molecule whose structure repeats throughout its length. Therefore, like a metal chain, polyester fibers can form very long molecules that are very s...
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by on March 2, 2021
I tend to focus on the fabrics suited to running, but there are a huge range of outdoor activities and sports that can benefit from clothing sewn in technical fabrics. Any situation where you need to control moisture getting to the skin (such as breathable waterproof hiking jackets) or moisture getting away from the skin (like sweat-wicking microfibers for Bikram yoga) will be improved by the use of a technical fabric. Many technical fabrics are also coated to resist fading under the sun or in c...
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by on February 23, 2021
A recent enquiry from a customer wanting to paint on Polyester Flag Fabric prompted us to create a swatch sample for five of the paints available from George Weil. The customer is planning to paint a motif on a wedding dress, therefore the performance of the paints is very important. Samples of fabric paints on polyester fabric The paint samples were allowed to dry before placing a cotton t-towel over the polyester fabric and fixing the paint with a hot iron. The heat from the iron melts t...
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by on February 2, 2021
Rigorous practice and intensive training helps athletes break records and accomplish their goals. Besides the arduous hard work, functional and innovative Sportswear Fabric provides a competitive edge to sports persons, bringing them a step closer to their objective of winning. The sportswear industry strives to design technologically advanced and technically innovative apparels to stay ahead in the race. Sportswear is promising to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the textile industry...
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by on January 26, 2021
Polyester Flag Fabric includes: staple fiber, drawn yarn, textured yarn, decorative filament, industrial filament and various differentiated fibers. (1) Polyester staple fiber fabric 1. According to physical properties: high, medium and low strength medium extension type, high modulus type, high strength and high modulus type. 2. According to processing requirements: cotton type, wool type, hemp type, silk type. 3. Divided by purpose: clothing, cotton wool, decoration, industrial use...
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by on January 19, 2021
Thermal Insulation Fabrics with good thermal conductivity are not good insulators, therefore these Sportswear Fabric will be cooler to wear. Air is one of the worst conductors of heat which is why the more still air a fabric can trap, the warmer it will keep you. Wicking Wicking is the transport of moisture through a fabric. Moisture can pass between fibres, yarns and through the fibre itself. The ability for moisture to pass through a fabric will depend on the fabric construction and the f...
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by on January 12, 2021
While sublimation Polyester fabric feels strong, it’s unbearable to wear. There is no breathability in the fabric, the unnatural chemicals are not made for constant human contact. Manufactures love to use polyester because it’s cheap, thus putting all the cost on the customers who suffer and sweat in this sticky material that’s supposed to be cool and refreshing. Polyester is advertised as being wrinkle-free, but due to the harsh chemicals that go into making these clothes, polyester is not o...
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