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At the beginning of the 19th century, Hans Wilsdorf – the founder of Rolex established a high-quality lower priced brand, named Tudor. The name decision was influenced by one of England’s dynasties, the Tudors, honouring in this way the country in which he opened his first watch company. This year at Baselworld, Tudor released a chronograph with diver ambitions – Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono. A nice surprise was the announcement of the calibre MT5813, a collaboration with Breitling. We had the pleasure to do a hands-on at Basel. The latest Tudor watch is a welcomed presence. The easy-going character with a pleasant look and a powerful combination between the chronometer certified movement and diver capabilities makes and interesting proposition. The Tudor Black Bay Chronograph was first shown at Baselworld 2017, and right away it was the center of a great deal of attention and not a small amount of controversy. rado watches replica First of all, it was the very first Tudor chronograph to use the Breitling B01 chronograph movement, which was a startling move to say the least, and one which few if any outside Breitling and Tudor saw coming. The movement is an excellent one technically; many in the industry praised its overall engineering and watchmaker-friendly design when it first debuted, and all of the excellent technical properties of this modern, column wheel, vertical clutch controlled chronograph are obviously present in the Tudor version, but it was still a bit of a surprise. Secondly, there was the design, which combines elements of both vintage diver and chronograph watches – there are plenty of watches that combine features of both types of watches, but there seemed to be some feeling among vintage Tudor purists that these design domains should remain distinct from each other. best replica tourbillon watches And finally, of course, there was the question of the hands, and whether or not the snowflake hour hand was a less-than-terrific idea for a chronograph. Let’s take a closer look at the watch, and how it fared during A Week On The Wrist. jacob and co replica First a quick refresher on the movement. The version of the B01 as modified and used by Tudor is called MT5813 and there are some significant differences between the base movement and the Tudor version. Most notably, the caliber MT5813 has a free-sprung adjustable mass balance and uses a silicon balance spring. A free-sprung balance should be less susceptible to variation in rate over time and silicon provides much better resistance to the adverse effects of external magnetic fields on a watch as well. There is shock protection on both the balance staff and the escape wheel. It’s a relatively fast-beat modern movement, at 28,800 vph and in general gives the impression of a mechanism that should tolerate anything you can reasonably expect to throw at it. One other modification: the caliber MT5813 has a 45 minute, rather than a 30 minute, chronograph register. cheapest richard mille The first impression I got when I picked up the Replica Tudor Black Bay Chronograph at Baselworld was of impressive solidity, if a fair amount of heft too. The case and bracelet both have a very attractive sculpted quality with the bevels on the lugs doing much to add some elegance to what otherwise might be a somewhat stolid design. That touch as well as the details added by such features as the knurling on the screw down chronograph pushers, as well as the engraved tachymeter scale on the (non-rotating) bezel help keep the watch feeling pleasantly overbuilt without seeming excessively static. jaeger lecoultre reverso tribute replica The dial and hands are as you would expect from Tudor/Rolex: very cleanly done technically, extremely legible, and in general quite well executed. If you like the snowflake hands on the non-chronograph Black Bay models, you’ll like them here (leaving aside for the moment the question of the degree to which the snowflake hour hand may obscure the 45-minute chronograph register). The dial has a subtle grained finish that extends into the sunken sub-dials and again, the texture helps keep the whole composition feeling warm and approachable. The bracelet and clasp are amazing. There is absolutely no play whatsoever in between the links, and operating the fliplock clasp gives the same pleasurable sense of interaction with a precision piece of machinery that, say, operating the film advance lever on a vintage Leica provides. Unlike many clasps this one feels specifically engineered not just for functional excellence but for tactile pleasure as well (of course to some extent the two go hand in hand). Thanks to the solidity of the bracelet the watch though slightly on the heavier side sits very comfortably on the wrist, with a sense of mass to be sure, but mass kept well controlled. I’m reluctant to say “built like a tank” both because it is a cliché and because there have been some pretty terrible tanks (Kugelpanzer ball tank, I’m looking at you) but in this case the cliché is apt. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Replica During the week I wore the Tudor Black Bay Chronograph 79360N, I never ceased to find it an extremely satisfying watch to wear in many respects. It kept excellent time (gaining about one and a half seconds per day, which is Superlative Chronometer level stuff, thanks to the well-designed and well-set-up regulating system) and was a comfortable fit with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a button up shirt and jacket, though the thickness of the Black Bay Chronograph was a bit of a challenge even for the fairly loose-fitting cuffs of a Brooks Brothers shirt (case dimensions are 41mm x 14.9mm). tudor black bay replica Stylistically, the Black Bay Chronograph is a mixture of elements from both vintage Tudor dive watch and chronograph production, including the riveted link bracelet seen on some Tudor Submariners (and of course the snowflake hour hand) as well as the general design of the screw down pushers, crown, and case guards from the Tudor Oysterdate chronographs. The combination works well from a design standpoint, and there’s nothing aesthetically dissonant about seeing these design cues together, with all the pieces contributing to the overall sport-vintage vibe. a. lange sohne triple split replica Operating the chronograph is perhaps more of an exercise in well-executed technical functionality than sybaritic tactile pleasure. On the sample I had, a little additional effort seemed necessary to push the start button through the detent but let-off was crisp and positive (and, let’s remember, being able to deploy that well-worn horological cliché “buttery smooth” seriously generally requires spending more money).  
Nowadays, the construction of our country is more and more important. The working pressure of the cap manufacturing machine for producing high-quality sand and stone is also continuously increasing. Today, I'm going to make a detailed introduction to sand making machine, about maintenance, environmental protection, investment and other directions. How to extend the service life of sand making machine? In order to make the sand making equipment be able to carry out the production of sand and stone automatically and efficiently, the necessary maintenance measures are essential. In order to ensure the good performance of the sand making machine, only three steps are needed to make the sand making equipment as new as ever. Step 1: quarry staff must do a good job in the regular inspection of the sand machine. No matter any sand making equipment, it is necessary to carefully check the internal key components when switching on and off the machine. This is to prevent serious wear of vulnerable parts, so as to effectively avoid greater damage to the sand machine. Step 2: do a good job of lubrication and maintenance measures for wear parts. As we all know, the sand machine often needs to be crushed for a long time, which is bound to cause fatigue of some parts. If some lubrication measures are taken, its service life can be extended to a certain extent. It needs to be replaced frequently, so as to effectively solve the problem of dirt in the bearing of sand making machine. Step 3: be careful not to allow the sand making equipment to work under high temperature for a long time. Any mining machinery can not bear the severe high temperature environment, which will burn some lines of the sand machine. According to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, the thermal stress produced by high temperature will make some parts inside the machine very large, which will cause certain difficulties to the good operation of the sand making machine. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the sand making equipment has a good working environment. How to invest in pebble sand making machine? 1. The equipment supplier of pebble sand making machine shall not only ensure the quality of equipment, but also take the road of green environmental protection. Compared with the traditional equipment, the production equipment of Shisheng River pebble sand machine is more uniform in particle size, which can reduce the consumption of minerals. Pebble sand making machine has powerful function, good effect, fine and even sand making, which can maximize the interests of customers. 2. Pebble sand machine is widely used in mines. By using the sand making machine, the early grinding of the ore can be carried out, which plays an important role in making the pebbles available for grinding and reducing the investment of grinding equipment. Non professional equipment can also meet the needs of work, but not so detailed. 3. The equipment supplier of pebble sand making machine is not only suitable for the crushing of soft and medium hard materials, but also ensures its role in the crushing of hard materials. This kind of sander is widely used in refractories, cement and other materials, as well as in ore, metallurgical slag and other places. How to control the noise of the new sand making machine? 1. First of all, the noise elimination of our new sand making machine needs to start from our equipment itself. At present, our new sand making machine equipment is equipped with noise reduction system, which can not make the sound disappear, but can reduce the noise produced during the use of our new sand making machine 2. We can block it. We can block it with walls or other things around our sand making machine, which can also indirectly reduce our noise and will not affect the rest of our users 3. When using the new sand making machine, we can check our equipment to ensure that we will not have problems in the process of use, the vibration is small, and we can also indirectly reduce our noise.
Do You Know How End Cans Are Made?
There are mainly two types of end can used in the packaging industry: 2-piece and 3-piece tin cans. 2-Piece Tin Cans Cup Blanking and Drawing – A press produces cups from coils of steel or aluminum. Ironing and Doming – The cups are then subjected to a sequence of rings. This process irons out the cans to form the bottom domes. Trimming – The cans spin while a cutting device trims the cans to length. Cleaning – The trimmed cans undergo several cleaning processes. Printing and Varnishing – The cans are now rolled against a cylinder for printing and varnishing. Bottom Varnishing – The cans pass an applicator for bottom varnishing. Baking – The varnished cans then wind through a conveying system inside an oven for drying and setting of lithography. Inside Spraying – The application of a compounded protective coating inside the cans follows. Baking – The next baking process comes next to cure the inside coating. Necking – The necks of the cans are reduced so that they will fit the size of the can end. Flanging – Flanges are formed on the cans’ rims for double seaming in the future using a tin can sealing machine. Testing – Each of the produced cans are tested for leakages. 3-Piece Tin Cans Shearing – A shear press cuts a large metal coil into sheets. Coating – A protective coating is applied onto the metal sheets which are cured after. Printing – The manufacturer decorates the sheets according to the customer’s preferences. Varnishing – The decorated sheets undergo varnishing before curing. Slitting – The body sheets are cut into individual blanks which are later formed into tin cans. Scroll Shearing – A device cuts the body blanks into smaller scroll sheets. End Forming – Stamping of ends from the smaller scroll sheets follows. The finished products are packed and delivered to customers and fabricating plants. Body Forming – A bodymaker forms the body blanks into cylinders then joins the side seams through soldering, cementing, or welding. Flanging – The cylinders from the previous process enter a flanger. The flanger rolls the metals on both of the cylinders’ ends to form flanges. Similar to the 2-piece cans, these flanges are created for double seaming purposes. Double Seaming – An end of the can, either the top or the bottom end, depending on the customer’s specifications, is connected to the can through double seaming. Spray Coating – The placement of a final coating on each can’s interior surface follows. This coating serves as the can’s protection from rust and corrosion. Baking – The applied interior coating undergoes baking and curing processes through an oven. This oven is a funnel type one in which the operator must control the time-temperature values carefully.
rolex submariner no date replica
Rolex Submariner date or not date? This is a question that has split opinions ever since a date and a no-date version became standard side-by-side Submariner duo in Rolex’s collection of watches.We regularly see people who are looking to buy a Submariner, and ask for advice online on which they should choose: with or without a date? But it seems pointless to ask for advice because the answer is awfully close to 50/50 every time.Now, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a Submariner – only personalizes preference. However, there are pros and cons of both versions, so before you choose one or the other, read the pros and cons of the Rolex Submariner date vs no date.To non-watch people, the debate between date and no date may seem insignificant and silly, but small changes make for huge differences for (probably) the most iconic and recognized watch model in the world.rolex submariner no date replica First off, let’s just start by saying that Rolex does not officially have a watch that is called ”no date”. This is just what people have started calling Submariner without a date in order to distinguish them from the date versions.Before we dive into the pros and cons of the respective watch, let’s just briefly go over some history about the Submariner. Development of the Submariner started in 1953 when a man by the name of René-Paul Jeanneret who came up with an idea for a diver’s watch. This man served on the Board of Directors Rolex. His idea was to make a sporty yet elegant everyday watch that would be waterproof. And apparently, Rolex liked the idea since development began in 1953. The following year, in 1954, the first Rolex Submariner replica was announced to the world: the reference 6204, debuting at the Basel watch fair. It has a 38mm Oyster case and offers a water resistance of 100m/300ft. A notable feature at the time was the rotating bezel that allows divers to keep track of elapsed time. The first submariner did not have a date function.Rado True Square Tej Chauhan The Submariner became a huge success as it was a practical tool watch that made for a perfect all-rounder for any occasion. Since then, a lot have happened in the Submariner collection. Technology has been improved, materials updated, reliability increased, and styling refined. In 1966, the Submariner reference 1680 made its debut. The 1680 is the first Submariner to feature a date window, complete with cyclops. The introduction of the first Submariner with date symbolized something interesting, which is that the Submariner was no longer just a tool for professional divers. It was also the watch of the likes of James Bond and everyday people. How is that so? Because of the simple fact that a professional diver has no reason to keep track of what date it is when diving deep down in the ocean. There are not just one rolex submariner no date and date respectively. In fact, over the years, Rolex has released several different dates and no-dates.The watches that most people tend to think about are the Submariner date reference 116610LN and the Submariner no date reference 114060, both with ceramic bezel and maxi case. However, the previous generation with aluminum inserts also stand side-by-side as a date and no date version, reference 16610 and 14060. Both generations of references are identical to each other, apart from the fact that they have/do not have a date function. Therefore, if you want to have an older and more traditional Submariner, you will perhaps opt for either the 14060 or the 16610.Or, if you want a modern, robust, and sporty Submariner, you will opt for either the submariner 114060LN or 116610LN.As mentioned there is no right and wrong answer to this question. It all depends on what you require in a watch. There is no denying that the date is a practical function on the Submariner. Being able to have a glance at your watch and instantly know the date, rather than having to awkwardly pull up your phone can be really helpful in many situations.At the same time, there are plenty of watches that do not have a date function, so if you do not have it on your other watches, you can reason in two ways: rolex submariner green replica Either you can say ”I don’t have a date on my other watches, so I am doing just fine without it”Or you can say Because I don’t have the date function on my other watches, I want to get a watch that has this function”. There are two main things that no date advocates highlight about the Submariner no date. patek philippe tourbillon replica The symmetry of the Submariner date is damaged due to the date window and the cyclops on the dial. Whilst the feature is practical, it does harm the symmetrical beauty. The Submariner no date ha a perfectly symmetrical dial that just is visually appealing to look at. Furthermore, the no date is cleaner, which gives the perception of a more widened the dial. patek philippe 5711 replica The other thing is originality. The first Submariner and a number of references after that did not have a date function. With that said, the date function and cyclops is a relatively modern idea. As such, the no-date version stays much truer to the original Submariner. Purists will naturally find the Submariner no date the better alternative, but in terms of practicality, it’s safe to say that it is not. By omitting the date function, the watch retains its lines and minimalist aesthetics. The Submariner is made for a specific purpose, so who needs to know the date when diving, anyway? It’s only that the closest most Submariners will ever come water is when the owner washes their hands. The thing is that most people today who buy a Submariner will wear them as desk divers. They buy the Submariner because it is iconic, it has an interesting history, and because they like it aesthetically. But if you are only desk diving, the date function can certainly come in handy. There are also people who prefer the look of the Submariner with cyclops and date window. The most noticeable about the Submariner date is perhaps not the date window alone, but rather the cyclops that is glued on top of the crystal. The cyclops was introduced in 1966 to magnify the date aperture function two and a half times – a very clever feature to improve legibility. The cyclops has today become an important element in many of Rolex’s models, not to mention the Datejust model. So unlike back in the days when the date cyclops was something very odd-looking, today many people associate it with Rolex. Have in mind that the there is a price difference between the date and no date SubmarinersNaturally, because the date version has a date window, date wheel, as well as an upgraded movement to support the date function, it has a higher price.So the question is, do you think it is worth to pay more to have the date or can you manage just fine without? The 114060 vs The 116610LN The ceramic date and no date Submariners stand side by side as rivals and make the choice for many people a tough one. If it would only be one, the choice would be much easier. But clearly, Rolex sees demand for both. As mentioned, 116610LN and 114060 are more or less identical. They share the same 40mm Oyster case made from Oystersteel. A screw-down caseback and crown ensure water-resistance to 300m (1,000ft). Both have black dials with 18ct gold hour markers to prevent tarnishing. And both feature a unidirectional rotatable bezel with scratch-resistant Cerachrom insert in ceramic. The difference, however, is that the date version has a cyclops glued to the crystal at 3 o’clock. Furthermore, the 3 o’clock marker on the dial has been removed in order to give room for the date window. Because of this difference, the two watches also have slightly different movements. The reference 114060 is powered by calibre 3130 which is a self-winding mechanical movement manufactured in-house by Rolex. It’s fitted with a Parachrom hairspring and is certified as a superlative chronometer. The Submariner Date, on the other hand, is equipped with calibre 3135. It has the same specifications as the calibre 3130, but has an added instantaneous date with rapid setting. Regardless of your choice of a date or a no date, you can never go wrong with a classic such as the Submariner. It is iconic, legendary, and truly timeless in design. With that said, symmetry is something our eyes find visually pleasing. So are you prepared to compare the symmetry of the Submariner in favor of a practical date window? Or would you rather premier function over symmetry? Share with us your thoughts below! Rolex Submariner date or no date?