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I'm redesigning my Zingali hybrid with better covers. They are Client Name Evo 1.2, a 2 way horn and bass driver speaker. I like them a great deal. Be that as it may, in my setting (smallish room), it is getting all in all too 

stacked in the bass. Additionally perhaps over the long haul, the high pitch has dropped in yield. It very well might be the covers are old. The speakers are 15 years of age, and the covers could be 20 years whenever left on the rack before they were utilized. 

I don't have a circuit graph, and Zingali never answer my messages with questions so... 

My ideal is get more straightforwardness and speed, and constrict the bass a piece. Possibly bring the mids up a piece. That is my arrangement. I will keep all the old parts just incaseI need to return. 

I will deal with the left speaker, and demo against the immaculate right speaker, so I have a mean datum point. 

I have gotten some Mundorf Evo Silver Gold Oil 800v covers in 22uf and 1.5uf to coordinate the qualities (1.65uF on rhe PCB, yet can't coordinate that esteem). Furthermore, the more modest cap at 1.25uF I have purchased a Clarity CMR as they have 1.2uF. 

I think the dark resistor stack base right is the lessening on the horn? The top of the line emerges from the left 2 associations, the low end right side associations. The information is under the PCB. 

I'm biwiring my links from a solitary amp to the 2 x sets speaker input taps. Sounds better that way. 

Here's my speakers. They are 12inch omniray horn, 12inch bass. 95dB proficient, hybrid is 600hz! So the single horn does a wide reach. They are evaluated to 500W amps, and do play very boisterous without pressure. 

I'm uncertain why there is 3 covers? Is it 22uF for the bass driver, and the more modest ones for the horn I wonder. No name covers not certain what make they are. Could be Sonicore (USA). However, likely alright, not much. 

I need somewhat more shimmer on top if conceivable. I met the architect Guisseppi Zingali in Italy in 2018. His experience is film speaker plans, and he utilized JBL units initially. Later models utilized B&C cones (Italy). I don't know where the horns are made. He disclosed to me his plans are made to function admirably on both top of the line and low end systems, and tunes them to permit that. Perhaps stay away from an excessive number of high recurrence tops? None of his plans utilize a tweeter aside from the greatest model. So he should figure the horn can cover the necessary reach without. 

I'm speculating the horn is about 10dB more productive than the 12 inch bass driver. So about 104dB. The speakers can play on low controlled amps including 300B yet prefers more current, for example, the Aries Cerat Genus. It additionally plays well with SS amp. 

The sound is exceptionally smooth, not shouty or forward like a few horns, very courteous even. In the event that I get somewhat more shimmer with my changes, I will be cheerful. 

Will report back..... 

All the best




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