How Did The Human Hair Wigs Evolve » Construction Reunited
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Extensions in crimson, blue and gold - Chr 30 BC.

Cleopatra, Egypt, is thought to provide the first batch of receipt. Dye, sewn human hair wigs or sheep hair trunks and fix them on resin, beeswax, etc. But not for average citizens! But not for ordinary people! Just wealthy individuals like the Monarch, the King or the Queen may afford these hairstyles. Brown, red or gold are the most common colors. The favorite color of Cleopatra is called peacock blue.


From short to giant – the twenties.

Long, once very common hairstyles are now substituted by long hairstyles. During that period, dwarfs became increasingly common. The ball has plenty of fur and hair in the center of the head. As a result, more and more people started using wigs. This is also the starting signal of the tremendous prosperity and popularity of wigs lasting until the 1940s.


With hair width - 1960s

Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy's iconic hairstyles are common indicators of the relevance attached to hairstyles in the 1960s. Culture icons may have pioneered, more traditional hair extensions and wigs during this decade.


The Founder Forbes - 1980s Simon

Hairdressing became more and more popular in the wild 80s. This is not just due to the African American culture. Soap operas are very common and popular for multiple hairstyles and extensions. All of a sudden, for any duration and budget they are accessible. Pioneer and haircutter Simon Forbes offered an opportunity to achieve effective hair distribution with molten wax and his own innovation (C2 hot clamp) in order to repair hair packages.


The girl power era of the 1990s and the '00s

Colour, mid-length hair, Hollywood waves, reversible or permanent hair extensions and keratin attachments There were just as many options in the 1990s and '00s as there are now. Cheaper and cheaper options and alternatives are developing around the same time. This time generally includes neon or fuzzy hair bundles and hair bundles fixed with clips. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Tyra Banks are also remembered.


Ready done for

It's not only the glamorous hairstyle of Hollywood today, but even the ultimate addition. If the usage of extensions was almost stigmatized and scarcely spoken about, the contrary is so today. More and more people realize the natural presence of hair extensions will lead to immediate hair extensions or hair thickening at night or during the day. Tall ponytail, scissor-free bangs, clip extension. Various mounting methods based on supply and demand have been and will be further produced. The extensions now appear not only normal but also satisfy a number of specifications, rejuvenating hairstyles and improving self-confidence.

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