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by on July 15, 2021
I have always been a big fan of Blizzard games. I am very interested in the beautiful movies and bold characters they set in the game. But in recent years, some obvious mistakes in the game made me feel very frustrated. By the way, MMOWTS is providing high-quality and safe game currency, welcome to visit! The narrative of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is very chaotic, and recently culminated in a major revelation centered around splitting souls, rewriting reality, and villain monologues. Now...
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by on June 15, 2021
WoW Classic TBC has been open for two weeks, and more and more players choose to cross the Dark Portal and fight the demons from Outlands. If you also try to level up in this way, when you start your adventure in the first area of ​​Hellfire Peninsula, you will find that there will be hundreds of people surrounding you wherever you are. This situation looks very lively and will make you feel that the game is still full of energy. At the same time, this also means that Questing in TBC Classic is ...
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by on June 12, 2021
TBC Classic has been officially released globally in early June. Players can use the flying mount in Outland after meeting certain conditions. The Netherdrake mount is currently the most attractive to players. The flying mount looks very beautiful, but it is difficult to Buy TBC Classic Gold obtain. Players must pass the gaining reputation in Shadowmoon Valley and complete a questline to get the mount. Of course, the Netherdrake mount has not been officially opened to players. It will be unlock...
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by on June 11, 2021
Finally, I got the opportunity to travel through the Dark Portal and set foot in Hellfire Peninsula again, and did not wait long. In fact, I am much more excited about the release of TBC Classic than when Blizzard launched the Classic server. Of course, I did not expect to get the same experience in TBC Classic as the original version. I mainly try to see and experience the old things in a new way. Let me talk about my experience these days. First of all, the stability of the server makes me fe...
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by on June 2, 2021
When World of Warcraft Classic was first launched in 2019, the vast majority of players believed that the remastered MMO game should be as pure as it was then, providing players with an intact vanilla World of Warcraft experience. Now that more than a year has passed, some players no longer insist on this stance, and begin to accept repairs to the original weaknesses of the developers. After the release of TBC Classic, Blizzard also took some  TBC Classic Gold adjustments and changes to the expa...
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by on June 1, 2021
If you have not obtained Tabard of the Protector now, you must hurry up before the end of the Burning Crusade pre-patch, because World of Warcraft will be updated to the TBC Classic version tomorrow. Before the official release of the WoW TBC Classic expansion, the  TBC Classic Gold Dark Portal opening activities will continue, but the remaining time is running out. And a piece in the game called Tabard of the Protector will disappear after June 1, leaving the player's realization together wi...
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by on May 31, 2021
In the last few weeks of May, many players are preparing for walking through the Dark Portal, because WoW TBC CLassic will be officially released on June 1. Blizzard launched the TBC pre-patch for World of Warcraft Classic on May 18, allowing players to choose between two game versions. Although most players choose to transfer WoW Classic's level 60 characters directly to TBC Classic realms, some players choose to start over. Therefore, it is very important to increase the level of the character...
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by on May 27, 2021
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic's newly launched Dark Portal Pass is a character boost service. Players can spend $40 to level up to 58 on a character in their account, and receive a full set of green quality gears and some gold, a basic mount and the riding skill to ride  WOW TBC Classic Gold it, four 12-slot bags, weapon skills leveled up to Their appropriate max rank for level 58, and certain flight paths to get around the world easier. But the newly added Blood Elf and Draenei...
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by on May 25, 2021
World of Warcraft Classic is very fun for many players, of course, it would be better if the WOW TBC Classic Gold character can fly. Before TBC expansion was officially introduced into World of Warcraft, this feature has always been a player's dream. Now, with the upcoming release of TBC Classic, players can finally realize their desire to fly in Azeroth. There are two basic requirements for flying in WOW TBC Classic. Your character needs to reach level 70 and prepare enough TBC Classic Gold....
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by on May 20, 2021
For those players who love Azeroth, the period after the release of World of Warcraft Classic is their happiest time. They seem to have gone through time travel and returned to the past. But as the content gradually approaches the end, this sense of nostalgia is disappearing. If you are also a WoW Classic player and currently have similar anxiety, don't worry, you can now continue the nostalgic atmosphere by re-experiencing the first expansion of World of Warcraft. After a long period of downtim...
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