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by on May 7, 2021
Nowadays, the mobile Internet has penetrated into the daily lives of the people, and online video has become an inalienable part of our daily pastimes. Go home from get off work every day, turn on Bilibili or Douyin Kuaishou, watch a few short and concise film review videos, or browse the plot analysis, the easter eggs in the film, and even the second creation sound MAD of the same person. It has become our daily life habit. However, we may not see such a video soon. Recently, five video plat...
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by on April 24, 2021
In recent years, online movies are entering a more mature, high-quality, high-ranking competition track. The overall production quality, investment volume, and profitability are all rapidly improving. High-quality production takes the lead in stimulating audiences to raise the scrutiny standards of online movies. The "Sea Big Fish" narrated from "her perspective" also proves that women's works have huge commercial prospects in the online movie market. Last year, the WeTV VIP Top Up users ​val...
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