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by on April 29, 2021
Reaming Bit is developed on the basis of absorbing advanced German production technology and integrating the latest research results of our company. The rod body of the water exploration spiral drill rod is made of high-pressure seamless alloy steel pipe, and the spiral blade is made of high wear-resistant T-shaped steel belt, which is welded by prestressed winding. The joints are made of high-quality medium-carbon alloy steel, treated with real air conditioning, and formed under high pressure. ...
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by on April 22, 2021
      1. Drilling fluid requirements: Reaming Bit can work effectively for various muds, including oil-based mud, emulsified mud and clay mud, and even clean water. The mud viscosity and specific gravity have little effect on the drilling tool, but it has a direct impact on the pressure of the entire system. If the pressure under the recommended displacement is greater than the rated pump pressure, the mud displacement must be reduced, or it is necessary to reduce the flow through the drilling t...
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by on April 15, 2021
 With the prosperous development of modern society and economy, the application of support for Reaming Bit has become more and more extensive. However, many people did not follow the standard operation during the use process, which led to some problems. Let's come here. Know the precautions!     1. When opening the eye, turn it slowly, and then gradually turn to full operation after the depth of the hole reaches 10-15mm. During the rock drilling process, the drill rod must be designed to move s...
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by on February 4, 2021
In deep wells, ultra-deep wells, highly deviated wells, extended reach wells, and horizontal wells, the drilling time of the body Reaming Bit is prolonged, and the lateral force of the drill string on the casing is increased. Therefore, the friction and wear problems of the casing and the drill string are increased. It's getting more prominent. The direct consequence of serious wear is the rapid wear of the drill string, leading to premature failure; casing wear will reduce the collapse strength...
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by on January 7, 2021
   Do a good job of mandatory maintenance of Extension Drilling Tools. Generally speaking, the cause of mechanical equipment failure is caused by the overload operation of mechanical equipment. Through the analysis of the failures of oil drilling machinery and equipment, we found that most of the failures of petroleum machinery and equipment are caused by insufficient overhaul and maintenance of the equipment. Therefore, we must maintain and overhaul the equipment in the daily team to keep the e...
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by on August 7, 2020
1. Reaming Bit is suitable for drilling projects such as water wells, geophysical prospecting, road and building prospecting, and drilling. 2. According to the formation, the drill bit can be selected from alloy, steel grit and steel particles. It can drill 2-9 grade sandy clay and bedrock layers. Installation method: 1. First of all, please ensure that the installation of the agricultural rig is carried out by a skilled operator, and that someone is responsible for the order. 2. Secondly, b...
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by on July 31, 2020
  The Reaming Bit accepts a temperature of about 250 degrees. It is a new type of high-temperature, wear-resistant grease. While the relative linear velocity of the bearing pair is reduced, the temperature rise of the friction surface is eliminated, which can effectively improve the quality of drilling or the bearing life and reliability of the bearing under the conditions of high-speed drilling technology. Finally, the all-rubber oil storage bag that can limit the pressure difference and guard ...
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by on July 24, 2020
There are mainly two types of drill bits, reaming drill bits and diamond drill bits, and Huaying is one of the domestic manufacturers of these two types of drill bits. Reaming drill bits are the most widely used traditional drill bits in oil drilling. The work done by cones in oil and gas drilling accounts for about 80%-90%. Industry insiders pointed out that drill bits are a necessity and consumable in the process of LPG drilling and production, accounting for about 4% of drilling costs. The fu...
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by on July 17, 2020
1. Before piling, the existing buildings and underground pipelines in the adjacent construction area should be inspected. For the influential projects, effective reinforcement measures or vibration isolation measures should be taken to ensure construction safety. 2. When entering the field, pay attention to dangerous bridges, steep slopes, grounds and prevent collisions with electric poles and houses to avoid accidents. 3. The road of the reaming drill must be smooth and solid. If necessary, t...
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by on July 10, 2020
1. The workbench used for the Reaming Bit must be firm and reliable. 2. A safety shed no more than 6m away from the working surface must be installed. 3. When the digging height is 7m, facilities such as a ladder room and a ballast room should be installed; if there is no ladder room, a sheltered shed ladder should be provided. 4. Patio and slide wells should be connected with the upper level roadway as soon as possible, and no engineering is allowed to be drilled in between. 5. When...
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by on July 3, 2020
High-quality Reaming Bit can generally meet various geological conditions. As long as they are drillers and can strictly follow various construction processes, they can ensure that in long-term operation, they can still ensure that the performance remains unchanged. The design plan of the reaming drill bit is to use three cones and a pyramidal pyramid structure to achieve the effect of crushing stone particles and cutting rocks through rows and rows of inlaid steel teeth. When replacing a new...
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by on June 19, 2020
The height of the working surface of the Reaming Bit in the roadway should not be less than 5 meters, and the width should not be less than 4 meters. The equipment access road can meet the equipment lifting operation. The electrical equipment at the construction site is 380 volts, the total power should not be less than 250KW, the construction site water consumption should not be less than 10 cubic meters per hour, continuous supply, the construction pool storage capacity should not be less...
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