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by on August 18, 2022
The feet are an important part of supporting the human body to stand. Realistic sex dolls have human-like legs and feet and can also stand. So will Real Love Doll's feet get dirty after standing for a long time? What to do if your leg is torn? These are Lovedollshops FAQs. What to do if a sex doll has dirty feet? If dirty or dusty, wipe with a damp towel and body wash. If there is a stain that the body wash can't remove, use cleansing oil to remove it. If the cleaning oil doesn't remove th...
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by on August 16, 2022
Most people think that a Sex Doll is just a luxury sex toy, but in the eyes of many people, a Sex Doll is not just a sex toy, it is love and companionship, and they will turn this love into complex emotions and intentions, or, they love On the Sex Doll, I have a spiritual dependence on it. This is a topic of great interest, and custom Lifelike Sex Dolls seem to reduce unnecessary socialization, risk, and confusion in interacting with others. As seen with the internet and video games, they may...
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by on August 13, 2022
If you like oral sex, the vibration will create an extra sensation. You can do the same thing by holding the vibrator close to your cheek. Lifelike Sex Dolls's skin is very close to human genitals, don't forget to interact with your partner. This kissing technique involves using your teeth while kissing your partner. Of course, the right way isn't soft, smooth, rough, or firm. When kissing someone with the next lip, gradually switch from using lips by pressing the lips very smoothly between t...
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by on August 11, 2022
Adult Solid Sex Doll is able to give people as real sex and eroticism as possible, but people can use it as a friend, partner, or even a beautiful artwork in addition to being a Sex Doll, instead of using it as a sex toy . For superficial and empty love dolls, this is the most basic function of Lifelike Sex Dolls. Many designers or artists fall in love with this Love Doll because they appreciate their Sex Doll works, rather than using it as a sex toy. And users fall in love with works created...
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