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by on Yesterday, 6:55 am
A new update to Lost Ark fixes an issue with claiming rewards in the Fever Time event. Players will need to endure 4 hours of maintenance before they can continue their adventures in Areksia. So, if you've been playing Lost Ark for a while, then you probably know the time and date of the weekly updates, but, if you're new, you'd better change your plans at midnight on Thursday because the road to Arkesia will is temporarily blocked. Similar to previous weeks, on June 23, Lost Ark released a n...
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by on Yesterday, 12:51 am
Lost Arks have huge arenas or open fields, these arenas tend to have powerful wild bosses/Raid World Bosses that spawn at specific times of the day. These spawn times are different from regular bosses that spawn after 30 minutes. Lost Ark provides players with a lot of career choices and amazing adventures. During the adventure, receive different tasks and defeat various bosses to get more rewards, which include currencies such as Lost Ark Gold For Sale and various items to upgrade equipment....
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by on June 23, 2022
Lost Ark attracts players not just by killing and looting, but also by a casual lifestyle. In the game, many materials such as Gold Lost Ark and some materials for upgrading equipment can be obtained by raiding and killing bosses, and some materials can be collected when you are relaxed. Lost Ark also offers a crafting system, to craft items yourself, you need to craft materials, and you need to collect or mine them. For this, you need trade skills or life skills. These are unlocked from leve...
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by on June 21, 2022
In Lost Ark, upgrading classes and equipment is an important part of the game. Players are constantly exploring the game, doing quests to get various currencies and equipment, especially lost ark gold, players upgrade almost to leave Gold. In the game, many items dropped from monsters and boss monsters are essential to improving your gear. And how to get The Stone of Chaos as an item to upgrade equipment? Usually, we spend time doing quests to collect materials to improve equipment. Lost A...
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by on June 20, 2022
The Lost Ark has many islands for players to explore. Lush Reed Island is one of the most fun and exciting Lost Ark Islands of Adventure you can visit. RPGStash wants to introduce Lush Reed Island today. After players have a certain understanding of Lush Reed Island, you can't wait to explore it. The Lost Ark has four virtues, which are Kindness, Charm, Wisdom, and Courage. To effectively add to all of these virtues, players must manage Virtues according to their character's level and power r...
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by on June 16, 2022
After entering the Lost Ark gate of paradise, players will have a lot of tasks to do, especially in the different abyss and encounter different bosses. After the Sea of ​​Indolence is revealed, we will learn more about Tranquil Karkosa, to effectively carry out the next step Quest, RPGStash will introduce 3 Bosses in Tranquil Karkosa, hope to help you. Tranquil Karkosa is the second abyss the player enters at the Lost Ark gate of paradise. Here, you will encounter three different bosses, defe...
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by on June 16, 2022
But Lost Ark allows players to transfer  Lost Ark Gold these investments from piece to piece, ensuring that there is no chance that the investment will be wasted. This encourages the testing and tweaking of the various pieces to fit different designs. There's a fantastic balance in having the latest gear be welcomed without lamenting the older gear being overshadowed. This game is only available on PC only and is not suitable for console gamers. Although many of the classes can be played pe...
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by on June 10, 2022
As we all know, Lost Ark's endgame gear isn't something that comes naturally, and all the gear you get during your level-up adventure falls short and won't allow you to continue developing your character. Thankfully, getting endgame gear doesn't work so complicated. Chaos Dungeons endgame is one way to decorate your character. Chaos Dungeons is the first endgame content you unlock after level 50, to unlock Chaos Dungeons you need to reach level 50 and travel to the continent of Vern. Continue...
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by on May 30, 2022
  In just a month since the game's launch, Lost Ark is deploying one of the biggest ban waves we've seen in a game, getting rid of "over one million" accounts for botting in a single day. No wonder there were complaints about bots, eh? The MMO's broad launch in February 11 the game logged an astounding 1,324,761 peak concurrent players, which puts it behind PUBG as the most popular Steam Leaderboard for concurrents. These were likely genuine players looking to try out the free-to-play acti...
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by on May 25, 2022
  In the April Lost Ark update, the arrival of Chaos Line Dungeons increases the difficulty of the game, but at the same time, the rewards also increase, and you will get more rewards including Lost Ark Gold. So how do players get more protection tokens to unlock the Lost Ark Chaos Line Dungeons? You can enter the Chaos Line dungeon alone or with up to three other players, and the difficulty will be adjusted based on the number of players you have. Each entry requires 1 protection token. Y...
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by on May 20, 2022
Trade merchants are temporary vendors  Lost Ark Gold who offer exclusive products. They can convert seals earned from station missions for rare supplies, crafting recipes, collectibles, as well as new crew members for your vessel. Vendors move in and within your stronghold, so make sure to check your stronghold daily to see what's on the shelves. Once you've completed your "A Verdant Landscape" quest for your stronghold after which you'll be granted access to a portal that'll take you to an...
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by on May 14, 2022
Manor: Create bonuses for  Lost Ark Gold your stronghold. Training Camp: Boost the levels of your alts to two levels below your main. Knowledge Transfer: Increase your character's level from zero to 50. Costs Gold. Let's go over the functions of each menu before we proceed. Lost Ark Stronghold Manor Rank 2 Upgrade The lab can be used to unlock features that are not available in your stronghold. unlocking new recipes for workshops, upgrading parts of the stronghold, as well as un...
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