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by on August 4, 2022
Hydraulic oil is the hydraulic medium used in hydraulic systems that utilize liquid pressure energy. It plays the roles of energy transmission, anti-wear, system lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and cooling in the hydraulic system. No matter how carefully the equipment is installed and operated, hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, and refrigeration oil can still be contaminated unless regular maintenance is performed. When the properties of the hydraulic oil are degraded, equipment failure ...
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by on May 24, 2022
As a result of the leakage of the lubrication system, the poor sealing, the long-lasting thermal load of the oil, and also the open oil storage, the moisture will certainly penetrate right into the oil, causing water in the lubricating oil. Due to the leakage of the lubrication system, the entry of particles and dust in the air, as well as the long-term operation of the lubricating oil under high temperature and water content will inevitably lead to part of the oil cracking and metamorphic to...
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