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by on August 9, 2022
  A portable GPS and GLONASS jammer in a car is a device used to suppress pulses from satellite systems. The use of a muffler made it impossible to monitor the machine's location using a satellite system. We're not just talking about navigators, but also trackers and bugs.   The equipment on the car to suppress the signal works by creating radio frequency interference at the frequencies that transmit the wanted pulses. The higher the noise amplitude, the less likely communication is. The ...
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by on August 9, 2022
  Modern car thieves carry more than just a "suitcase" (fishing rod) that allows them to remotely open a car equipped with a keyless car entry system. The standard arsenal of criminals' devices is also one that can jam GSM cellular signals and GPS/Glonass satellite signals. Using these gps jammer, thieves can prevent stolen vehicles from being tracked.   Sticks on the steering wheel, locks on the pedals, multiple locks on the gearbox, sirens.A car thief can usually get past all these defenses...
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by on August 8, 2022
  They can be used when one needs to deviate from the route of a leased road carrier, hide the fact of unplanned parking, evade pursuit or suspect wiretapping.   When installed in a car, the anti tracker gps blocker all radio signals within a 5 to 15 meter radius. So you can be sure that the object will disappear from the viewer's field of view.   In order to understand how to choose the right jammer and what to look for when buying, you need to understand the equipment of your navigat...
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