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by on March 25, 2021
In the field of drilling and drilling, drill bits are indispensable. There are various types of drill bits, which are classified according to different needs and different application areas, such as cross, button, one word, etc., which are very powerful Among these types of drill bits, DTH Hammer is an important drill bit with the widest application range. But because this kind of drill bit is more complicated, many people don't know how to use it. It is very important to understand the correct ...
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by on March 4, 2021
    DTH Hammer joint wear band is essentially an isolation belt to protect the drill pipe joint and casing from strong wear. The optimization and improvement of joint wear band performance is the key technical measure to prevent strong wear of the casing. The wear-resistant belt should have good comprehensive anti-wear properties such as wear resistance and anti-wear properties, and the material characteristics are the core influencing factors that affect the performance of the wear-resistant be...
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by on February 25, 2021
The wing of the DTH Hammer bit is broken; the new bit is larger than the original diameter; the machine is displaced or the drilling tool is deflected in the hole during rock drilling; rocks fall from the hole wall or hole or encounter large cracks or caves during rock drilling; Dust is not easy to discharge in areas with mud and rocks; negligence in operation, when drilling is stopped for a long time, the rock dust is not blown off, and the drilling tool is not lifted, so that the impactor is b...
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by on December 17, 2020
       DTH Bit is a kind of mechanical equipment for drilling holes in coal mine tunnels. DTH Bit is used in many projects. What are the classifications of DTH Bits that need to be used in ordinary projects? Have you distinguished carefully? The following editor will introduce you to the classification of DTH Bit.        DTH Bit has the characteristics of convenient operation, long service life, light weight and extremely low failure rate. DTH Bit has outstanding advantages in improving the sup...
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by on December 10, 2020
   [Participant question] What are the main processes of DTH Bit construction?    [Answer] Cushion laying, stake setting out, drilling rig in place, material selection, mixing, drilling, silt transportation, feeding, drilling, pile formation, transfer drilling, pile testing. From the perspective of safety and quality, since the four processes of mixing, drilling, feeding, and lifting involve the quality of the mixture, the length of the pile, the solidity of the pile, and whether the pile ...
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by on August 13, 2020
According to on-site measured data and related adjustments, the bolt error is within 13mm. Therefore, it is planned to adopt three methods to adjust the bolts and column feet.   1. Pre-embedded screw fine adjustment method     For bolts with deviation of 1~5mm, the method of adjusting the screw is adopted, and the scaffold tube is used to slowly move the bottom end of the screw to adjust to a suitable position.     2. DTH Hammer reaming   For bolts with a deviation of 6~9mm, the ...
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