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by on April 26, 2021
After the release of the Path of Exile Ultimatum, server problems appeared. Just like many other popular games with online servers, it was difficult for players to log in to Path of Exile on the second day of the release of the Ultimatum extension. Anyone who tries to play the game after the game is released will have the opportunity to line up to enter. At the speed of emptying, it will take at least two hours for everyone to participate in the game," Wilson said on Reddit. Wilson believes t...
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by on April 23, 2021
“Path of Exile” developer Grinding Gear Games and its community became victims of an extremely stupid scam. A disabled person said in a post on the “Legal Advice” subordinate that it banned them from exile because they used macros to help them play. The post sparked discussion and anger and quickly spread throughout Reddit and social media. An editor named poelegalthrowaway00 wrote in his now deleted post: “After an accident at work, I cannot use one hand and a few fingers.” This is to the th...
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by on April 21, 2021
There are many conflicts about the path of exile. The controversy stems from the disastrous new expansion and the strong opposition to the privileged practice of granting POE Currency. Wilson revealed this, he revealed that the developer paid for the playback of "Ultimatum " when it was released, and it could not be played due to server issues. Wilson explained: "The background is that we have recently been conducting some paid, influential and influential marketing activities, which involve ...
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by on April 19, 2021
In a short time, you can fix the plump wings for the POE feature. We will explain exactly how this works in the article. Action RPG players have not been easy lately: Last year, the hopeful Wolcen and Torchlight 3 could only partially meet fan expectations, and by 2021, it still looks bad: Magic: The legend begins with big problems, and is far from it Compete with the genre giants "Diablo 3" and "Path of Exile". Fortunately, with "Path of Exile 2", an important successor to the long-running S...
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by on April 16, 2021
For those who play the style of a witch, the summoner will be happy to see that the minion can do almost anything. They are valuable in sinking, destroying, and obtaining a perfect robbery. The best way to improve performance is the nesting radius. Obviously, these POE Currency will bring them additional damage and resistance. But this is still useful for witches, making aura a wise choice for two people against one. Upgrading the path of exile usually requires burning some bridges while stre...
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by on April 14, 2021
What is annoying to many fans of Path of Exile is that some quality of life features of the game depend on third-party applications or websites. This is the case with loot filters, which are not included in the basic game, but other players have spent some time designing filters for the community, which is possible. Games like Last Epoch and Grim Dawn have implemented their own loot filters. They are easy to browse and can be changed as needed. The developers of these games may have learned some...
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by on April 8, 2021
Path of Exile is a proud game that allows players to choose what they want to build. The new player heard the news and became overly excited. They imagined themselves as a necromancer with a full set of plate armor and shields, or imagined themselves as "duelists" like magic fans, moving like a blur on the screen. Although these constructions are possible, they are not realistic because it requires a lot of POE Currency to invest in all these passive skills. Way of the Wanderer has not become...
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by on April 6, 2021
The players of "Path of Exile" have been eager to have a real sequel with their favorite dungeon predator, and thankfully, the developer Grinding Gear Games has kept the communication channels open. In the recently disclosed information summary, the studio announced many important details about POE Currency, including their initial plan to release the Beta. The sequel is quite serious work, and Grinding Gear has consistently stated that it would rather take the time to polish its products t...
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by on April 2, 2021
Thanks to the open passive skill tree, "Path of Exile" is a game that allows classes to overlap in similarity to a large extent. Because of shield-using witches, mace-using strays, and spell-using Templars, it is often difficult to see who is playing the game and determine which category is on the screen. In the world of homogenous heroes, the shadow is completely unique, thus breaking the similar world. No other class sneaks like a shadow class, hitting key figures and stabbing the back. I...
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by on March 31, 2021
The developers of Grinding Gear Games are ready to reveal the next expansion of Path of Exile, you will now have to wait a long time to get all details, and now you can use the trailer. The short film "Path of Exile: Ultimatum:" shows a new talent. Critics point out that "The Red Pyramid" may be a reference to Chief Varvar. Not only that, the upcoming announcement event seems to contain some news about the long-awaited sequel "Path of Exile 2", which was announced at ExileCon in 2019. So stic...
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by on March 29, 2021
"Path of Exile 2" seems to be more than just a small expansion. So far, we have got a lot of information about the game. Path of Exile made a huge leap in online games a few years ago and became popular due to its POE Currency system and a large amount of free game content. In the years since "Road of Exile" was released, Grinding Gear Games has released many free updates and content expansions, and is preparing to release the biggest "update" to date. The developers claim that "Path of Ex...
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by on March 25, 2021
Since all the stolen goods of the POE are dropped, it is easy to miss that none of them are gold or silver coins. POE skips coins and instead uses all the shards and balls that fill your inventory as currency. Different gears will allow you to obtain different spheres from the supplier. You can even combine product combinations to get specific returns. The sphere can also be used to craft and enhance equipment. Improving the current equipment is random, so it's best to wait until the character i...
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