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by on 16 hours ago
In November last year, we announced the announcement of the Mac version of the Path of Exile game. The game will be released in 2020 (7 years after the Windows version was launched) and has 5 million users worldwide. Over time, console users can already enjoy this title. Xbox One went on sale in 2017, and PlayStation went on sale last year. The only ecosystem that has not increased the number of users of this RPG is Mac, and we already have an official release date. This title will be comp...
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by on 22 hours ago
If players want to get a lot of vitality and various rare materials, they must plant as many crops as possible to produce many monsters for players to kill. It bases although Harvest on agriculture, the essence of combat as a POE still exists in the game. Players with many materials can have many choices. They can either use the items to increase the damage of equipment skills or process them for sale for POE Currency. The new league released by the POE team in June is to ease the tension of ...
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by on Yesterday, 3:44 am
It's been some time since Grinding Gear Games launched Path of Exile: Harvest, which is the latest expansion of its long-term online action RPG. In Harvest, players cultivate mysterious holy bushes. Players plant seeds in their gardens, which become new seeds when harvested. Kill monsters and use the monster's vitality to create rare plants. Buy POE Currency is used to improve your own equipment and weapons and powerful items. You can find a summary of the game below: You are an exile, strug...
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by on Yesterday, 2:36 am
Many novice players still do not know how to use the fastest and most effective method to make their agricultural activities have a higher final yield. In fact, as long as they really understand the game mechanics of the new league, they can make their efforts worthwhile. The game steps are very clear. Players can get many POE Currency and high-value rare items by killing them. If players want to make themselves rich in a short time, they can sell the rare items they collect directly or make ...
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by on August 3, 2020
Many beginners have worked hard to get many rare items and vitality, but don’t know how to redeem POE Currency and POE Items to make their game journey easier. What a beginner may not know is that the characteristic trading mode is one characteristic of POE. Players can exchange items they own for other items to get everything they need. The value of the goods they own corresponds to the value of the goods they can trade. Players who have just experienced POE recently will most likely amaze h...
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by on July 31, 2020
Grinding Gear Games' "Path of Exile" was released on Microsoft Windows in 2013 and quickly attracted 5 million players to register. Then in 2017, "Path of Exile" entered Xbox One, and landed on PlayStation 4 in 2019. After landing on other platforms and making a splash, this fierce RPG has finally been introduced to the Mac. But what makes this fantasy RPG so good? First, it can play and communicate with developers, using POE Currency to focus on "ethical microtransactions". Of course, there are...
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by on July 31, 2020
POE game company GGG recently released detailed information about Harvest Bloom. The game team has made great optimizations to the graphics in the game. Players can now use POE Currency to help them fight, and they will find that the effect of the screen has become more beautiful. They realized that it might prepare for POE 2 next year. Players who are not familiar with Harvest Bloom can understand that it is simulating light diffracted by a virtual camera. But the role of things has two si...
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by on July 30, 2020
We well know it that POE releases a new league every three months. Those previous leagues will not lose but will allow players to enter the game. Different leagues will give players fresh feelings. But one thing is the same. Players can earn POE Currency by fighting continuously no matter which league they are in. The reason the game team launches new leagues so frequently is to maintain the continued and healthy development of the game and to attract people to enter to increase the popularity...
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by on July 29, 2020
To repay the players’ love for a long time, the game team provided each player with some small gifts including rare materials and a slight amount of POE Currency in the updated Harvest League. Many players have received it and said that they have always been loyal supporters of POE. Some parts of the game waiting to improve have now repaired by the development team. The new mechanism in Harvest makes every player shine because they have never exposed to this form of a league before. Althoug...
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by on July 28, 2020
In September, POE players celebrate the 10th anniversary of POE. Australian game developer GGG was not only a success but also a turning point in the history of APRG game development. Players can see the photos displayed by the developers on social media or official POE forums. The meaning of these photos is to allow players to relive the wonderful moments of the past. The featured financial system in the game covers POE Currency and POE Orbs, which are the two most needed items for players. ...
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by on July 27, 2020
Harvest League is the second league launched by GGG this year. Because the last league version was very exciting, the players who spent three months of fierce battle there must be a little tired, so the game team developed a relaxed and leisurely Harvest League based on the actual situation. Many witty players saved many POE Currency before entering the recent league version, and their advantages showed up after they entered the game. Most players satisfied with the POE team launching a new...
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by on July 25, 2020
  Since the release of GGG POE in 2013, there have been many leagues that gamers like and dislike in the game. Many may not be aware that the POE game team offers every player a new league every three months. The game not only remains innovative, but more people take part in the game. Every new league has a lot of creative content waiting for players to experience it. For example, the Harvest League, released last month by the gaming team, offers players better mechanical and mechanical prope...
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