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by on March 1, 2021
Madden 21 Ultimate Team continues to obtain high-powered player items, and gamers can Buy Madden 21 Coins to improve their lineup. On Saturday, four brand new cards entered the mode, including limited items from two great players in the history of the game. On the defensive side, 97 new equipment was added to the night lane. On the offensive side, Dan Marino, one of QB's legends, also received a new 97 OVR project. Throughout the season, "Madden 21 Ultimate Team" has provided "Legend" players...
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by on February 27, 2021
Some other games will enter EA Play in March and April. Starting next month, EA Play and EA Play Pro members will be able to jump into three new games in The Play List. Coming March 2 is Madden NFL 21, EA announced that it will provide more storage for its EA Play subscription service in the next few months, and "Star Wars Squadron" will also be added to the library in March. There is currently no information on when the fighting titles used by members will be available, but it will follow the M...
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by on February 25, 2021
The release date of Madden 21 EA Play has been set at the beginning of March, which provides players who subscribe to the game with a way to play sports simulation games. Currently, new members can enjoy special discounts, so the price of playing EA football games will be cheaper. Players can also Buy Madden 21 Coins to get powerful star players. With Madden NFL 20 currently available as part of the EA Play library, it's time to use the updated title. The official release date of Madden 21 EA...
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by on February 23, 2021
Deshaun Watson wants to withdraw this big news from Houston Texans, which means that many NFL teams are likely to try to provide a deal package for the 25-year-old star. While the world is waiting for a team to pull the trigger and meet the requirements of the Texans, you can control everything and try to spend Cheap Madden 21 Coins for Watson in Madden 21. 1. Deshaun Watson to Miami The offseason is most likely to be one of Deshaun Watson's destinations. It is rumored that the Miami Dolphin...
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by on February 20, 2021
Various superstars that EA must consider before deciding who will become a Madden 22 Cover athlete. For famous attractions, it's hard to ignore Tom Brady the Goat. Brady won the seventh Super Bowl championship with the Super Bowl MVP. But maybe EA will make a big decision and choose a new rookie. We came up with three superstars, and we believe they have a chance to get the cover of Madden 22. At that time, GameMS will also upgrade Madden 21 Coins for you to choose from. Tom Brady No need to...
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by on February 18, 2021
Madden 21 enters the final corner of the game, and we see good players from the past and the present every week. In recent weeks, we have won the NFL Honor Award, Team of the Year Award, and even the first 99 OVR card ever. Therefore, these flashback cards are the most important. If you have not obtained these cards, don’t worry, you can buy Madden 21 Coins and go back to the game to buy them. Every year, the MUT world can relive the past glory by releasing some outstanding players in the pas...
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by on February 16, 2021
With "Super Bowl LV", the Tampa Bay Buccaneers become your 2020-21 champion, it's time to start looking to the future. The NFL offseason is approaching, and the lineup has undergone significant changes. If you regret the end of the season, now is the time to Buy Madden 21 Coins to complete your team as much as possible. The Detroit Lions traded long-time quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for quarterback Jared Goff and a draft pick. The Houston Texans released J....
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by on February 7, 2021
With the approach of the LV Super Bowl, "Madden 21" on Wednesday released the official prediction of the Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The leading NFL video game simulates a championship matchup between two teams and predicts that the Chiefs will win 37-27 and the second consecutive Super Bowl. Both teams have experienced an incredible season, the Super Bowl. The championships are vital to them. Players of Madden 21 can buy Madden 21 Coins to increase...
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by on February 5, 2021
The Kansas City Chiefs "run back" a few months ago, and worked hard to win the Super Bowl for the second time in a row. If you believe the simulation conducted by Madden’21 and EA Sports on Wednesday, there is still enough power in the Chiefs’ tank to cross the finish line. This is the most important link. The players of the game have invested a lot of time in the game for Madden 21 Coins from the very beginning, in order to form the ideal ultimate team. This is the season of their harvest. E...
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by on February 4, 2021
If you want Madden 21 to behave as HB or WR, please be patient. You still start the narrative as the caller of the signal. At the end of the third grade of school, the story changes so that you can continue to be promoted or stay in QB. Even after that, if you change your mind again, you can switch back to QB again. If you want to know where your location is when you start the narrative mode, don’t worry, you haven’t missed any tips. Please purchase Madden 21 Coins before the start of the game, ...
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by on February 2, 2021
The latest Madden 21 roster update is updated in real time, according to last week's Conference Championship adjusted player ratings. Not much has changed, as only a few teams actually participated in the game, but there were some significant adjustments. If you don’t have the ideal player yet, you can Buy Madden 21 Coins for help. For example, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' total score dropped to 95. The decline can be attributed to a three-point decline in consciousness. Stati...
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by on February 1, 2021
How do you get more coins in Madden 21? How do you get free MUT 21 Coins ? What is the best and fastest way to earn Madden Ultimate Team Coins? If you want to get the answer, then you just need to follow this short article! Opening packs in MUT 21 The first Madden 21 coins making method is to consider spending MUT Coins or MUT Points on packs opening. You can then auction any player cards obtained from these coin packs. You may also consider buying fast sale packaging from the store. Howev...
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