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by on 6 hours ago
  Seriously; I went back into  Animal Crossing Items the GameCube version (that I never owned) and blatantly pissed off Resetti because his writing was on fucking point That enough to counter the sweetness? I'm imagining Al picking up KK by his palms and clenching his fists as blood drips from between his fingers. I remember a moose or/and Grey wolf that has been a jerk, but after a while I started to just like him being a jerk, and the times that he had been candy were special. D...
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by on Yesterday, 1:59 am
The villager interaction in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very similar to past games. Neighbors may have eight different villagers' personalities, each of which is unique in the dialogue. The villagers still ask the player for help, but they will only do so when they are close to the player or when thought bubbles are flooding instead of talking normally. Halloween is a treat for Animal Crossing players. In October, not only provided many new products, but also added custom functions, ...
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by on October 24, 2020
Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have the opportunity to get huge profits from carrot sales in a limited time cross-promotion with Ally Financial, a digital financial services company. From October 23rd (Eastern Standard Time) to October 27th, players can use Dream Code DA-9350-9609-6289 to visit Ally Island. Ally Island will be open until November 6th to host various events and many photography competitions. , Golf games, and special items for sale. There they can sell turnips at a ...
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by on October 21, 2020
  The upgrades feel like  Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells they are only means to deliver and keep interest on the game for months and years, which is performing well considering how the match keep selling months and months after it initially released. If word of mouth against it was so powerful, would it keep selling like it does after all those months? I don't know, feel quite strange to me. Easter and other holidays are not on the cartridge, locked behind updates. Other improvements a...
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by on October 20, 2020
As the U.S. presidential election date approached, Joe Biden's team launched an official Animal Crossing island and proposed a unique and innovative way to connect with supporters. A new virtual office was launched in Animal Crossing New Horizons for players to visit. Biden's Island House is one of the main attractions, and the island was converted into a campaign site office. Entering the office, you can see a coffee machine and a cup on the table at first glance, as well as a laptop, type...
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by on October 17, 2020
Based on the player's experience, players cannot build multiple islands on the same Nintendo Switch, and you cannot set up a tent on a friend's island. However, using eight playable accounts on the Nintendo Switch system means that you can create up to eight playable accounts on a Nintendo Switch, and they will be able to live on the same island. Creating multiple islands on the same Nintendo Switch is also a player's desire or idea. Especially in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the most activ...
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by on October 15, 2020
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of cute little villagers who will live with you in your small town on the island. Unfortunately, you can't always choose who to move in-maybe you need to change your pace. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the villagers in Animal Crossing. If a friend teaches them a bad mantra or makes them wear ugly clothes, you can think of these choices as a reset. Among so many Animal Crossing Items, rare villagers are always very popular, even if you have...
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by on October 14, 2020
  Regular villager Dora is  Animal Crossing Bells above lamenting the threat of wasps, a small mouse that can be seen, albeit at a joking way. Not only are a few bugs naturally much larger than mice (such as a Scorpion), however Dora, a mouse who would like to boost a plant garden, enjoys teaching herself, and wishes to become a translator, could be particularly timid and unlikely to boost a bug in her property. Than are smaller than yourself it's generally wise to keep pets. A change of y...
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by on October 10, 2020
In the Animal Crossing New Horizons Animal Encyclopedia, there are two entries about Soft-Shelled turtles and snappers. To complete the fish exhibition in the museum, you must catch one of each type of turtle and donate it to Blathers. In Critterpedia, catching a snapping turtle or turtle will also fill in its entry, bringing you two steps closer to unlocking the goldfish pole DIY recipe. The waiting process is very boring, but when you get Nook Miles Tickets and other additional rewards ...
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by on October 9, 2020
Me . And, somewhat morbidly, I keep needing a smore because everything smells like swimming. I'm also trying to not take it that my villagers never offer to share their magical secret  Animal Crossing Bells popsicles with me. Thank you! Animal crossing is one of those rare good things that came from the dumpster fire that is 2020 Same here in Colorado. Our pine gulch wildfire is currently the largest wildfire in state history. I believe it's nearly contained now but the smoke is pretty a...
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by on October 4, 2020
Thread locked due to  Animal Crossing New Horizons Items excessive toxicity and off-topic conversation in the comments. I feel like it should've been locked to start with. This isn't to move against or support Biden, but politics just don't belong into this subreddit. It's off topic, usually leads to only shit flinging from a lot of people and isn't what anybody comes for. It was posted with the mod that frequently breaks the subs rules so it will not be removed. Why should it be elim...
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by on October 4, 2020
  Man, have you  Animal Crossing Items played any of the newer Pokemon games? If you thought this was an issue from the older games then you haven't seen anything lol This. NH is likely a dream come true for people who are into decorating and terraforming but to me personally Animal Crossing was about the villagers and their characters because that is what made it unique. I really don't recall which villager, however on Gamecube I remember one that if you seen him early morning he would...
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