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by on June 11, 2021
Time travel is the first means to get rid of villages or evict them. It's a quick, simple method. What you should do is ensure date and time. For instance, today is May 14, 2020, go back to your home button, go to system settings, select the date and time, make the time travel to an exact month, set it as June. Return to your game, save and terminate immediately. Then shut the game and go back to the date you began and walk around the time villagers, particularly the villager you wish to throw o...
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by on March 3, 2021
When moving through mystery islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in search of possible tenants for their island town, players can come across 397 different villagers. There are some especially cute designs for Animal Crossing villagers, which help to balance out the less appealing choices such as Rodney the hamster or Boyd the gorilla, for players hoping to fill their 10 available slots for inhabitants with adorable faces. While some designs feature cute representations of the villager's ani...
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by on March 3, 2021
The Sanrio Partnership update for Animal Crossing New Horizons will be available shortly, according to Nintendo. This update brings a slew of new collaboration furniture as well as six new Sanrio villages to your island, which you can invite to live there. In this guide, we'll go over five key details about the Sanrio update that you should be aware of. Let us take a closer look at Sanrio's upcoming update for ACNH! Many users on the internet were unaware of who these new Sanrio villagers were. ...
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