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by on October 16, 2020
Animal Crossing is a highly free and casual game that is deeply loved by players. As an important prop in the game, the bell has an irreplaceable role. Today we will talk about how to plant a money tree to get bells. The so-called money tree is a tree that can grow bells. The money tree will grow bells, and when you shake the tree, the bells will fall. The money tree will become an ordinary tree again. You can use the bell to get the ACNH Nook Miles Tickets. Before you plant a money tree, ...
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by on October 12, 2020
In Animal Crossing, many players are unable to complete many tasks during the day for some reason, so they have the idea of modifying the time, but some players are afraid that modifying the time will be risky. This article brings the experience and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets sharing of Animal Crossing about time and space travel. 1. Upgrade issues For example, if I built a store today, will there be any impact when I reconcile the time into the future with the past? Where it doesn't matte...
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by on October 9, 2020
You need to complete a few steps to bring the Able Sisters clothing store to your island. This is all that needs to be done. 1. Upgrade the tent to the house If you can develop your own island a bit, you can only let Able Sisters open a store. It all starts with upgrading the tent. 2. Bring 5 small animals to Tom Nook The next step in developing the island includes building a museum. In order to attract Blathers and its museum to your island, you need to bring five ACNH Nook Miles Ti...
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by on September 29, 2020
In this game of Animal Crossing, you will live with many cute little villagers. But you are not very satisfied with some villagers, so we can try to get them to leave our island. One of the best ways to find out that villagers are no longer popular is to ignore them completely. Don't talk to them, don't complete requirements or ACNH Nook Miles Tickets for them, don't even ask them what they are building. Pretend that they don't even exist while socializing with your other villagers. This can ...
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