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by on October 14, 2021

When purchasing a new Pu Air Hose, users should consider the length and diameter needed, ideal material for specific applications, and whether a standard or recoil hose better suits their needs.


When deciding on the ideal hose length, first consider your applications. If you’re an automotive body shop professional, you may be moving around large vehicles throughout the day and require a long, highly maneuverable hose. If you’re woodworking with an air drill at the same bench all day, you’ll likely require a much shorter hose.

What’s more, a number of hoses are designed with connectors for owners to customize the length of their hose by connecting one hose to another. If you need to extend your hose’s reach, it’s more prudent to use a longer hose as standard hose couplings are not full-bore and create restrictions that can result in pressure loss that can stall your tool.

Your goal should always be to strike a balance between mobility and low pressure losses. Pressure losses accelerate along the length of a hose, meaning the longer the hose, the more pressure is lost as compressed air travels to its final destination.


Air hoses are measured by their internal diameter (ID), and come in standard sizes of ¼”, ⅜” or ½” or metric sizes of 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm. Since higher ID correlates to higher air capacity, selecting your ideal air hose diameter requires an understanding of the CFM needs of your air tools.

Handheld nailers, for example, often run on low CFM — between 1 and 3 — and thus don’t often require a hose with larger than a 6mm ID. Tools operating above 6 CFM are better suited for 8- to 10mm hoses.

Keep in mind that air tools list “average” flow ratings which speak more to how you use the tool than to the actually unrestricted air volume it can pass. Issues that result in inadequate pressure at the tool usually are borne by the combination of hose bore size, coupling bore size and length.

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