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by on July 31, 2020

Are the incentive VC listed for the gen but not at another gen? When the typical release for the ones that are getting the next gen Mamba, and will the current gen game come as download? If not and it's coming out with the next gen game, what's the purpose? There is two bonuses for current-gen one for next-gen. When you purchase NBA nba 2k21 buy mt Mamba Forever Edition on PlayStation 5 or Xbox collection X digitally, an electronic copy of this current-gen version of NBA 2K21 will be added to the exact same PlayStation or Xbox account. It will be playable on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console after NBA 2K21 has established on September 4.

Given the VC wallet is supposed to move between the two consoles, will the VC of the current-gen be moved into the next-gen game together with the bonus that is next? So when I bought for purchasing the next-gen Mamba, that the Mamba vs the 100k VC that I would have 200k VC? That is just for if it is purchased by me digitally. Imagine if my intentions are to purchase a physical copy of the Mamba version? Will I never receive the current-gen variant until NBA 2K has been released? And if so, is 2K forcing me to purchase the current-gen version if I want to both play both on release day and want it?

According to 2K, it will transfer. But maybe not if you spend it needless to say. Correct, for orders the bonus backup is a code within the box. The CG MFE is your best alternative, if you want to play with both generations at launch and need a physical copy. Thank you for the information. As a followup question, I only wanted to inquire whether there are to obtaining the next-gen Mamba version, any perks? For the current-gen, I receive both matches on launch day, and an excess VC. For your next-gen, I must wait until the latter's release to get both games (making me wonder if I would even play the current-gen version if the next-gen version is already in my hands).

I had wanted the next-gen replicate to start off my collection that was mt coins 2k21 together with the Mamba edition, but today I can not find any reason that copy would be beneficial to buy. You buy the edition for your own PS4/xb1 that's 60 bucks and then you purchase it when series x comes out. This is where folks get pissed off. Firms are currently making the update free but 2K is making you get the game again to get a brand new console since'NEXT GEN HUR DUR'. The 2nd way is this: you purchase the Kobe variant for 100 on PS4/xb1 and with that you get the standard edition at no cost on ps5/xbx when it comes out.


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