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by on July 31, 2020

I'm not as far along as you personally but I sense same, just got membership for first time and do not plan to stop.Wow we're almost at the specific same place in our progression. I've been loving it but now I'm considering what there is to OSRS gold do next and it feels like everything points to"go grind some thing forever to create enough bank and purchase endgame gear. Get 99s on the way". I've slowed down cause it's a tiny overwhelming.I think I enjoy slayer too much honestly, feels like the principal portion of RuneScape for me personally.

Have 4 diaries completed through hard, but can not find any motivation to go work on the others, bother with all the rest of the quests (pretty much all simple ones also aside from the arm questline and frem exiles). I'll get on and try to find out some development, knock out"just 1 or 2 jobs", and end up grinding slayer for hours, particularly if I receive smoke devils / hydra now, because those are the 2 enormous pet searches im centered on atm. Not sure what ill do once im 99 slayer and quit gaining lvs in my battle stats as well.... The progression is a big part of why I like slaying making gains. Idk what im even getting at honestly, I think mainly I wish the skilling aspects of RuneScape were in depth and attractive, because I feel like theres a huge portion of RuneScape I simply can not get into. wish that there were more activities like that for abilities that are other, more interesting, and sulliusceps are just one example that I thoroughly enjoyed afk skilling activities.

This isn't saving GP, however it is a Mr. Krabs thing: Pick up anything lost from the GE and then sell it. Other then mine Smith my weapons, my ore and armor, chop/craft/light my logs. My masterwork set that was trimmed was left by me from scratch. I am not an ironman. Don't do what I did. I did this and I don't regret it. Granted, I bought the Malevlolent to generate the trim, but I broke used my own set of Torva, mined most of my ore, and smithed everything myself. I say it gave me a feeling of achievement and pride.

Miscellenia to farm logs for automobile disassembler to acquire simple parts for charges lol that is divine. Is that not the most effective way? That. Are not maples the cheapest disassembles for simple? I create my miscellenia logs into buy RS gold boards and sell for gain, then purchase maples instead.They are among the least expensive and generally the best. However with the recent surge in the price of vacant fees, things like Harralander pitch could be more profitable as a result of their lower junk chance.

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