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by on May 21, 2019


Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 1 watch

harry winston watch has invited several designers and watchmakers to help make his latest collection. What makes this collection unique is its watch dedicated to exploring the capabilities of the Tourbillion. The first and instant model of this series is Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon No.1.

Histoire De Tourbillon 1 is limited to 20 pieces. This tourbillon features a large case with a diameter of 48 mm. The case is made of 18k white gold and Zalium, the exclusive metal used by Harry Winston. This aluminum and zirconium alloy is lightweight and ideal for use on watches. In addition to its low density, this zirconium-based alloy has high heat resistance and durability. The front of the case and the dial are a striking sapphire crystal that is large and dome-shaped, giving the watch a very unique look. This watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

The interior of the case features a double tourbillon concept designed to increase accuracy and visual appeal. This watch is equipped with two 25-degree tilt single-axis tourbillons that can be rotated for 36 seconds to counteract any effects of gravity. The entire system consists of 88 components, each weighing only 0.46 grams.

This double-angle single-axis tourbillon can be viewed at a certain angle through the dial. The sculpted features and the reflected light on the bas-relief bridge create a fascinating illusion of movement. Ruby jewel bearings are also exposed. The dial shows yellow and easy-to-read hour and minute hands as they stand out against the busy background and stand out. The front spin disk on the dial displays hour and minute markers, followed by hours, minutes and seconds. All features are very effective and can create a unique dial.swiss made replicas watches

technical details:

Case size - 48 mm
Rugged case back cover
Movement - Manual winding movement, features include hour, minute, double tourbillon on the dial
Storage - 48 hours watch material: white gold and Zalium table
Crown - spiral
Dial color - black with double tourbillon and bridge
Belt Type - Crocodile Leather Strap, Buckle Type - Tang

Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere - Introduction to Watchmaking

Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere is a timepiece that introduces fine watchmaking techniques with a superb time artistic perspective.

At first glance, this rectangular case provides a close-up view of its mechanical artistry, which is strikingly similar to a completely forged steam locomotive wheel on a railroad track - all signs point to Harry Winston as its destination. This limited edition special edition of this watch is 51 pieces, which is sure to arrive on time. It's all because this watch is out of the station and enters the amazing art of watchmaking.

Harry Winston, known as a fine watchmaker's jewellery watchmaker, continues to combine his watchmaking tradition with the highest aesthetic details with his Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere fake watches for sale.

The rectangular case features an open dial that shows the manual winding and time setting system, which is directly driven directly to the barrel and the lower plate through the back of the case. On one side of the winding system are two sliding platinum blocks with spiked racks that engage directly with the upper gear. On the other side there is a stylized wing that bends the ratchet through the pinion. The guide rails of the sliding weights are very smooth - the oil creates friction. The flying tourbillon motivates endless wheels through time in a precise jump of six degrees of curvature.

The gyroscope Glissiere features a 49 mm X 47 mm white gold case with a scratched sapphire crystal. The watch balances 21,600 vibrations per hour and has a tourbillon for one minute. It has 37 ruby ​​jewel bearings with diamond sill. It also has a 120-hour power reserve and a single barrel manual winding. It is water resistant to 30 meters and comes with a beautiful hand-stitched black alligator strap.

Harry Tourbillon Glissiere is a perspective on the art of jewellery and watchmaking, and Harry Winston continues this through high-quality craftsmanship and a long tradition of Swiss watchmaking. In 1989, Harry Winston began making beautiful timepieces and creating brands with creative stereoscopic timepieces. The company uses the same perfect tradition of producing jewelry in the manufacture of its watch collection. This superb excellence and professional practice enabled the company to produce a truly luxurious gem-set watch featuring superb design and ambitious technical complexity.

Harry Tourbillon Glissiere continues the technical complexity and visual arts of the brand's doors. This exclusive limited edition watch is available to esteemed replica swiss watches connoisseurs who want to watch and immerse themselves in the art tradition.

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