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by on May 27, 2021


Do you want to make modifications to your existing booking? Worry not as Delta Airlines My Trips option is available to make your work easier and convenient. The airline is very generous, and it knows that passengers may need to make desired changes at any point of time. For flexible travelers, Delta is one of the best airlines. It allows customers to make last-minute changes without any additional effort. The manage booking facility has been introduced by the airline to make sure that passengers can travel with peace of mind. 


There are plenty of benefits of this dedicated service, and you can use it at much ease. Managing a current reservation is not a difficult task, and you can just do it by applying a couple of clicks. Moreover, different methods are available to make changes to your booking, and you can choose your preferred methods without even thinking twice. Before checking its benefits, let’s check out the steps to alter your reservation online. 


  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.

  • Click on the “My Trips” tab positioned on the top of the homepage. 

  • Now, you can find your trip by entering the necessary information.

  • Firstly, add your confirmation number. 

  • Secondly, mention your first name and last name. 

  • Click on the “search” tab, and it will retrieve the details of your existing booking. 

  • After that, multiple options will be shown on your screen. 

  • Check out all these options and pick the required one. 

  • Click on the “confirmation” button to confirm your change. 


Passengers can even use the customer service number of the airline to amend their current reservation. Get in touch with the assigned agent and share your concern with him. He will guide you without any hesitation. 


Benefits of manage booking option

Flyers can use the manage booking facility during their journey to make alterations to your booking. No matter if you want to add additional services or wish to select a seat for you, you can do it all through this option. Let’s explore the advantages of this beneficial facility. 


  • Add extra baggage

If you are flying with excess baggage, then make sure to purchase it in advance to save your money. Baggage costs less when you check it online. Visit the “My trips” section and click on the “add baggage” option to fly hassle-free with extra bags. 


  • Rescheduling 

Passengers can change their flight or reschedule it by using the manage reservation option. You can even cancel your flight and book tickets on another flight. 


  • Seat selection

Seat selection is one of the essential parts of air travel. Every passenger wants to complete his journey by sitting on his desired seat. To add seats to your Delta Airlines Booking, visit the “My Trips” section or call on the airline’s phone number. 


  • Request a special service

If you are a special need passenger, then you can request the needed service through the manage booking facility. Inform the airline about your requirements so that arrangements can be made accordingly.


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