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by on April 22, 2021

Now Path of Exile Ultimatum has been accepted by almost all players. They are all playing happily in the new expansion. For the development team, their current top priority is to redo world drops. It will now sell orbs of Binding and the new Veiled Chaos Orbs in the loot table. When players open treasure chests or kill monsters, they can get them and some POE Currency. And when Ultimatum went live, there were five new basic types of items that became region-specific loot in Atlas.

The ultimate bosses in Each Act will drop better items than before. If a player is lucky enough to complete the challenge, then they will gain a lot and get a better sense of accomplishment. There is another point worthy of players’ attention. Among all the loot that may be dropped, there are now some unique alliance-specific items that can be used for regular monsters, including powerful items. This big change regarding the loot will have a tremendous impact on the economy of Path of Exile Currency.

Besides these, there is also a major change that is now exuding its impact. When Ultimatum is available, the new supplier formula can use. GGG’s view on this is that it missed the day when it was difficult for players to determine the exact items needed for the new recipe. New formulas will appear every once in a while, and players will frantically try to solve the problems caused by GGG by trying various combinations. In fact, no one knows which recipes to add, which recipes are needed, and the type of rewards to be got.

Reliquary Keys has also reappeared in the league. The original key opens the portal to Reliquary. There are no monsters in the area. There is a big golden box in the middle, which can reward players with unique items with legacy values and legacy modifiers, so that powerful buildings can use again. It has a significant influence on whether players can achieve success in their next journey. They’d better buy some POE Currency in order to maintain excellent condition at the critical moment. Hold on!

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