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by on April 21, 2021


Children and friends, you must understand that these disposable tableware are not environmentally friendly, for example, making disposable chopsticks can destroy natural resources, disposable plastic tableware is difficult to decompose in the soil and can harm the soil structure.


bamboo stirrer

... Is there any environmentally friendly tableware? Of course there is! Let's marvel at the following!


The first to appear is a natural, zero environmental pollution of the leaf tableware. You guessed it right, this kind of tableware is made of leaves, the practice is also very simple: first two leaves sewn together, and then add in the middle of the standard murumuru leaves made of moisture-proof anti-white edge filling liquid, and finally with a special production of the board machine to press the three layers of leaves together. This is how the natural, zero environmental pollution leaf tableware is made!



In the whole production process, the raw material is still leaves, except for the leaves.



is leaves, without all the strong glue such as chemical materials.



In addition, the general disposable plastic tableware, must be a very long time to decompose, and



The destruction of the soil is also very big.



And leaf tableware must only 28 days to decompose of course.



What's more valuable is that it is not only not easy to destroy the soil, but also can be turned into fertilizer in the soil and benefit the nature.



How is it, isn't it amazing?



Even more amazing is still to come!



The next appearance of the spoon not only can be used for dining, they themselves are able to be swallowed immediately!



Its key raw materials are sorghum rice flour, rice flour and wheat flour, with a crispy taste, similar to many cookies.



Although preservative-free, the water and fat content of the scoop is extremely low.



Therefore, it can be used for up to three years. .....



Even if you don't want to swallow it after the meal, it doesn't matter, it will of course decompose after four or five days and is not prone to any environmental contamination of the natural environment. In addition to the original flavor of rice and wheat, these spoons also have many other tastes, such as cinnamon powder, ginger, garlic, cumin, lettuce, black pepper, mint, carrot, ball kale and so on.



People can even order their favorite taste and shades .....



Are you already impatient to try this kind of delicious and tasty spoon?



In Japan, there is also a similar tableware that can be taken.



It is a set of tableware made of wheat flour, salt and yeast.



There are no additives in it.



The shelf life is one month.



Since eggs and dairy products are not used.



Therefore, it can be used safely by people who are allergic to eggs and dairy products.



It is resistant to moisture and acidity, and can be used for



It can be used to serve soup and fried food. It tastes similar to cheese crackers



It tastes like a cheese cracker, but is slightly softer than a regular cheese cracker. So, if you don't want to use it as a tableware



So, if you do not want to use it as a tableware, then as a snack, the taste is also very good, delicious and healthy body and mind!



The tableware detailed above is very environmentally friendly, and we will no doubt continue to create and invent a lot of environmentally friendly tableware in order to better protect nature.



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