Spirit to improve ores coming to RuneScape » Construction Reunited
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by on May 14, 2020

The fact is, this is OSRS gold. They tried to inject life in it with EOC, this community together shit their pants and whined. This is the alternate. Play with it or do not, but I envision the devs has to be ripping their hair out trying to please the most bipolar fan base I have ever seen. This really is a community which cares about fresh material adding weapons FOR that articles as"energy creep", completely detached from the way mmos work at a basic level. This really is the only community that requires micro-transactions"MTX" because everybody's their own ass. It is frustrating watching devs who want to do something get shit on for trying to use their creativity in any way, then bitched at for lack of imagination.

Not only is an overreaction, but RS3 did this very thing and it failed. Together with their Mining and Smithing Rework, they added Stone Spirits however, the problem was there were Stone Spirit to improve ores coming to RuneScape than were being used because PvM was more interesting and rewarding. GentleTractor also made a few suggestions on this subject with the second trying to address this issue.As for its overreaction part, yah, that is not how it used to be. KBD, the boss, drops Yew Logs were noted by 100.

Yet cutting Yew Trees was not ruins due to PvM. The matter isn't that resources drop but. In defining a resource, the difficulty is. Would you eliminate Herbs from PvM since They're a Farming Resource? Well, they arrived before Farming existing since from Cheap Rs gold PvM, so does this make them a PvM Resource? Same case for Runes; before Runecrafting existed they were a PvM dip. Hides and Bones are a PvM Resource, but they also can be got through Skilling in some situations; should that also be dealt with? I think you have the point in how this is far from easy and removing all resources from PvM is kinda absurd.

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