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by on March 27, 2020

What a bunch of OSRS gold garbage examples everyone is using. And your examples are just as bad. "I perish to bosses all of the time because I get caught up in a movie." Seriously? That's how it SHOULD BE. If you go bossing to attempt to reconstruct and consume 0 teleport and 0 food and 0 potions and 0 cash. If it harmful to you, it's a fairly poor selection of places. Bossing is NOT necessary for rebuilding. And are you rebuilding anyways? Were you killed by a boss 50 times? Dis you bet everything in the arena? Can you drift about in pvp with your equipment?

Each the aforementioned are deserved, take responsibility. The worst excuse today is"back then it had been just a rune platebody you would lose, now it is a BCP"horrible example because rune platebody was not equivalent. What would have been was a Sara platebody trimmed. In the event that you compared the sara pl8 back then now, both of those would take quite near the time to farm. If you go bossing new that you're learning and has a huge chance of you dying, with all of your bis equipment. That's your fault. Folks there days are children that are sheltered that are damn. Noone wants to hazard anything but want every benefit. Life is currently gon na sting on yall.

I'm maxed and I don't think this is a good shift either. I spend most of my time in ToB these days so I wont be as affected as some, but I do like doing boss slayer jobs every now and then enjoy Bandos or Cerberus.

This death mechanic material just makes me feel like its pointless to do Cheap Runescape gold any content aside from raids in which you make less money and have a chance of dying because of laggy servers and in addition to that you have to pay to get your expensive equipment returned. My favourite boss when I was getting into bossing was Zulrah, after looking at the suggested fees for deaths at that boss today, I likely wouldn't have even attempted to do it.

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