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by on February 26, 2021

In this issue, we need to learn about the correct selection and management of eye masks. Master MM teaches you how to apply eye masks. Together, we can save your eyes!

Summary of the use of eye mask: Since the eye mask has the following three first-aid system functions, the content of which is high-powered nutrient essence, we must strictly abide by the five-or-five-not-choice principle when we deal with the problem of eye mask.


1. Five essentials for correct use of eye mask

1. For the condition of the skin around the eyes, use the eye mask once or twice a week.

2. The skin needs to be thoroughly cleaned before applying the eye mask. The residual makeup and dirt on the skin may affect the effect of the eye mask, so be sure to thoroughly clean the skin around the eyes with an eye remover.

3. Before applying the eye mask, heat the eyes with a hot towel, then take the eye mask out of the refrigerator and apply it to speed up the blood circulation in the eyes.

Apply eye cream after using the eye mask to better moisturize the eye skin and keep the effect unchanged.

Put the eye mask on an appropriate place, apply it, and press it with your hands to make it closer to the skin.

Second, choose the right eye mask and five don't

1. Do not sleep close to the eye mask. When the eye mask is dry, it will easily take away the moisture from the skin around the eyes.

2. Do not apply the daily eye mask. If you apply it every day, it will produce oil particles, which will easily cause overnutrition.

3. The use time of the eye mask should be in accordance with the requirements of the instructions, not too long, it is best to remove it when it feels dry, so as not to take away the moisture of the skin around the eyes.

Do not polish after using the eye mask. Use a cotton cloth to wipe off the expression on the forehead, thin lines in the corners, and dry lines.

5. Masks should not be used as eye masks.

The correct choice and management method of eye mask. The above are the five essentials and five undesirable eye masks that Master MM can teach you how to apply eye masks. Students must remember to use this method!


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