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by on January 29, 2021

And if they did scatter small and medium updates around the OSRS gold huge upgrades, there was a shortage of significant updates following them compared to the previous release cadence.

So it wasn't due to a shortage of developers since they produced more upgrades with fewer Devs.

It had been the shift to making bigger releases rather than spreading them . For example, Kebos could have been divided with Farming Guild, Brimstone/Konar, Aerial Fishing, the Quests, and the Diaries all being independent updates over months instead of one massive update, however they opted to pack it all together even though that meant their weren't many devs left to go things around it.

Then there is the issues of ground textures, where they are being extremely lazy with it. This occurs in a lot of different locations and just looks really lazy.

The second exploit for cash was just as easy and untested since the first one, from what I knew.The Yak Track jobs that basically force bonds usually end up being construction.

In lv 99 one of the tasks is making 1,555 magical cape racks, which Cheap Runescape gold require 1 magic stone per build, possess a ge price of nearly 1m each and have a purchase limit of 100 every 4 hours. Buying from the store is a set 975k per stone and the 2 shops that stock them take a total of 45.

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