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by on January 23, 2021

Ye, I might be idealistic, but wow classic gold I really do believe there exist decent men and women. Additionally, there exist people passionate about the sport. There also exist people that are familiar with their business model who won't cheat for larger gains.

Additionally, I saw the quantity of effort they put into bugfixing, heart development, banning robots, general support.

The two points were always a whole lot more active than in Classic... You really shouldn't hate on them if you don't understand the situation.

 As seen from the most upvoted remark, you don't even have to level your character to be able to harvest max level resource nodes due to a exploit or alternative, so the cost and time to get up and running will be minimal, and the total amount Blizzard earns from these accounts can also be minimal.

Thinking and submitting otherwise is detrimental to every actual player who just needs the game to ben't ed up. Be real with people, make them know up front what kind of company blizzard is. It's not necessary to lie and pretend they will fix any major problems.

That would imply blizzard would need to receive an employee thats not only a developer and we can't have this.

Why would Blizzard spend money to hire employees to prevent botters that are selling gold that Blizzard is making money from?

When the community needs botting to end it must crack down on classic wow gold sellers people who profit from botting - that the people buying gold.

All these are just a few of the things which will have to be executed to curb this issue. Until they tackle it from these aspects, it ai not goin anywhere.

It stinks that GDKPs are so mad for pugs. I have never experienced this before in the MMOs that I play.

Perhaps in ESO if a Divines would fall for someone and they'd sell it to one of the other trial-goers.People in aggressive surroundings are ALWAYS going to take things to an extreme if the acting authority allows it. The responsibility is on the ability to prevent such extremes, not the players to self-police themselves out of it.

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