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by on January 20, 2021

I will return the second skilling is OSRS gold really workable as a money maker AND not hidden behind quests that have high combat demands. Skillers as primary money makers have been dead for years.

Makes me pretty mad actually, I've been an osrs stan since 2015 but lately tried rs3. It's a great deal going for it, the MTX is in every facet of this game unfortunately but it's got a great deal of charm and fun to it.

If content and devs are focused on participant retention and gaining new gamers due to sheer quality, that is a bloody good thing. I believe Jagex already knew that OSRS are the primary driver of profits with no cashcow mechanics, but are experimenting with all the RS3 playerbase.

It is not broken at the moment, and it is a fragile thing. The'future of Jagex' isn't trying to speed up the process we are seeing for both games, it is about keeping the momentum moving without breaking it. It's obviously functioning as is at the moment.

I would indeed very gladly play OSRS' gameloop in a similar styled futuristic universe. I am not sure how many others would but I definitely would love that shit. I recall I'd like to google all of the time back then as a child hoping for Cheap Runescape gold mechscape leaks/updates (Though I seem to remember the job having another alias too but I can not recall it today, I believe it began with an s or a a).

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