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by on January 15, 2021

Is Classic not a rewarding game? You make it seem like it will take a team of 30 rocket engineers to prohibit one botter while, in fact, it is actually quite an easy job to get a single individual to perform.Literally all it takes is 2 people to wow classic gold manage a couple of servers and the botting problem is in check. I am certain that you can handle all of NA and EU servers with less than 20 people total.

Yes they could, and I'm tired of these Blizzard apologetics stating"well you've got to undertand this blablabla". No. Classic is insanely profitable and botting is ruining the game. It is not too costly to employ a couple of people to correct this problem.Not to mention that the GDKP community as a whole is full of ninjas, I refuse to pay anything upfront even if its to guildies.

Blizzard gave us the game we want, the participant base however has totally ed it up though. The people that have been fun to play with and played for fun and laughs left around P5, all we have left is that this crap.I know of multiple people on welfare that buy gold even though they have the time to farm whatever they might desire.

What am I thinking, people who purchase gold are so chill and cool. I need to go buy classic wow gold out and purchase fake currency for real currency. Is that how you justify breaking ToS?

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