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by on January 14, 2021

As Comet Holmes continues to spread and dim, it will Buy wow classic gold round its orbital turn and head towards a great variable star Beta Persei. For readers, the "Demon Star" Algol is a familiar target, but what a treat to catch this eclipsing variable with the the comet by the last week of January 2008! Keep watching this 93 light year distant star, because as regular as clockwork every 2.867 days it will drop from magnitude 2.1 to magnitude 3.4 in matter of hours. To calculate Algol's changes for yourself, try using this great interactive tool provided by Sky Telescope: The Minima Of Algol. How fun to watch an eclipse that happens on such a regular basis!

So armed with his fishing gear and a strong desire for fresh fish, he set out to catch some perch or bass in the Riviere aux Raisins next door. Fishing from the old covered wooden bridge wasn a straightforward task. The sides were formed of crisscrossed wooden supports covered about halfway up by vertical boards. So to gain access to the river for fishing, one would have to climb up the supports to the top beam, which being horizontal, gave a good place to sit and fish. The water wasn running very fast, since it was midsummer, and the dam was below the bridge so there was a great place for fish to gather since they couldn get past the dam. So Aaron climbed up to the beam, sat down, and began to fish. He caught several bass and was having a great time when a group of rowdies from either the Old Hotel, or perhaps more likely from Brennan Hotel, started across the bridge on their way home. One of them spied Aaron and attempted to jump up and pull him down. In order to evade this threat from a half dozen drunken men Aaron stood up and attempted to climb down the outside of the bridge wall. However one of the men, a Macintosh it was said, grasped his heel and as he did, Aaron fell into the water and struck his head on a rock, killing him instantly. As his body floated downstream, the men high tailed it down the street and to their beds, fearful of the next day and what it would bring.

Bernie Sanders brings an old school revolution, like, "Hold up, yeah! Remember how this country got changed, kids? Y'all the ones that did it. The power's in your hands. I'm saying I could get y'all free school, free tuition, but you gotta help me get there and challenge your senators." He brings a revolution.

10. Be open to the many clubs and organizations on campus, and narrow down your interests. Try to attend the first meetings to all the ones you're interested in, and see where that leads you. Clubs and organizations are the fastest way to meet other students on campus with similar interests.

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