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by on January 14, 2021

Now I shall agree in  Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells REAL life there have been cases where civilization appropriation (not only black) has occurred, and that just comes down to respect. Personally, I don't care if somebody of another race wears braids or a"cultural" hairstyle. Literally just don't be a racist POS. Now I can't speak for every black man but I know how it can be triggering to some when somebody who's white wears a specific hairstyle that's inclusive to black people. I just simply don't have that opinion.

Side note: I'm also biracial, I have always had a very balanced perspective on races and racism due to the dynamic of my loved growing up. I talk for my black side any chance I get because everyone can understand that there's STILL severe BLATANT oppression of POC all around the world.

One more thing straight back to the hair style thing, that is like telling black girls that we can no longer purchase weave (extensions) since our hair isn't naturally bone directly just like that of a white person. It sounds ridiculous right?

Also I've heard of this resurfacing of the brand new black panther party, I am not very educated on it and their views. All I can say like there are very Pro-white groups out there, you will find Pro-black also. To me being Pro-black isn't ANTI another race just like some of those groups instruct, but I will not say there are not pro-black groups who have views similar to the KKK itself preservation on and so forth. I really don't associate myself with that and I believe most black people do not associate with this too. We just want a reasonable chance.

This is probably just someone needing attention or trolling, where they hugely succeeded seeing the Number of replies she obtained

I honestly think so many of the outrage bait tweets and Twitter answers are straight-up troll accounts if they say shit like that, it wouldn't be the first time reports like that were made to muddy the waters or discredit actual social equity movements. A few might very well be truly crazy or dumb individuals, but I believe that it's more often than not meant to  buy Animal Crossing Bells sow discord and/or farm articles for outrage websites.


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