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Gold Eagle
by on January 14, 2021

The chain on Tinplate can making machinery production line may cause the original lubricating oil to heat and volatilize after long-term operation. The Shenzhen assembly line causes the chain to be unbalanced during operation, increase noise, and crawl. At this time, you can open the sealing plate at the end of the machine and add butter or thicker lubricating oil to the chain.

Head gearbox repair and maintenance

The first use is about three months to drain the oil in the gearbox, clean the inside of the gearbox with diesel or gasoline, and add new lubricating oil to the middle of the observation window after draining. (Pay attention to whether there is too little lubrication every month). It is enough to change the lubricating oil every year. Too much lubricating oil may cause the reduction box to heat up, and the motor load may be too large and the motor protection switch may trip. Too little lubricating oil may cause heating of the gearbox, increased noise, and the gearbox hangs and is scrapped.

Motor repair and maintenance methods

Never put water into the motor, nor add diesel oil and liquid organic compounds to the motor, because this may cause damage to the motor's insulation and cause malfunctions. The maintenance method of the speed governor is the same as the motor. For the rest, check the motor maintenance and maintenance in the electrician manual.

1. Plate chain assembly line Shenzhen assembly line

Features: The load-bearing product is relatively heavy, and it runs synchronously with the production line, which can realize the climbing of the product; the production cycle is not very fast; the chain plate surface is used as the load to realize the smooth transportation of the product.

2. Conveying line

Features: The Shenzhen assembly line carries a wide range of product types, with few restrictions; when used in conjunction with a stopper, it can realize the continuous, rhythmic operation and accumulation functions of the product; the use of jacking and translation device can realize the offline repair or inspection of the product Without affecting the operation of the entire pipeline.

3. Belt type assembly line

Features: The carrying product is lighter and less restrictive in shape; running synchronously with the production line can realize the climbing and turning of the product; using the belt as the carrier and conveying can realize the stable conveying of the product with low noise; it can realize the light material or long product Transport of distance.

4. Double-speed chain conveyor line

Features: The double-speed chain conveying line adopts double-speed chain traction, the tooling plate can be transported freely, and the stopper is used to position the workpiece to move or stop freely. The workpiece can be automatically lifted at both ends and moved horizontally. You can also set up rotation, special plane, testing equipment, manipulator, etc. online.

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