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by on January 16, 2020

Difference between the USA and the UK Education System

Posted by TinaSimon on February 14th Basket Nike Air Force 1 Pas Cher , 2019


According to the survey, there are more than 200 world’s best universities are located in the UK and the USA. Both countries serve the best quality of higher education and provide outstanding research facilities. They promote their culture by providing intellectual academic freedom. These universities provide the best learning environment but there are also many differences in their teaching style, student life and the structure of the university. In this article, we will discuss some main differences between the British and American education system.

University Organisation

Mostly universities of the UK are made up of colleges that are related to the specific subject. The colleges are still ruled by the universities and each college has lots of autonomy with each other as well universities also. In the UK student have to stay in the college to complete the duration of its studies. But in the US student will directly apply in the college for its specific course that it wants to study and you can apply for many colleges at one time if you apply through the national system. This system is known as UCAS or Universities and colleges admission service it means that the student has knowledge that what he wants to study before apply in any educational place. In the US can take admission for more than one year by choosing the verity of courses in numerous fields. In the universities of the US have different schools and also the specific departs or the Art and Science schools. In America student can also take classes outside the field even he declares in the major university of America. The US has the range of different subjects and it also forces the higher education is to breadth in more subjects. But in the UK Nike Air Force 1 Nouvelle , general education is forced to more on depth by getting very comprehensive thinking in the subject choosing.

Academic Semesters

The US universities start their academic semesters in the mid of August and the other art colleges start later. Mostly universities take a long vacation break at the beginning of the second semester that starts from mid of the December to mid of January. All universities have their own calendar like some have trimester and quarter based system that starts from their winter vacations. The academic semester system is a little bit different, most universities are also using the trimester and quarter system semesters. But the schools of the UK starts form the September or October and end in May and June. The academic semester is less standardized in the United Kingdom. If anyone chooses the UK for its study, the university may use a much different calendar from others.

Time Length

Length of time is the most important difference of the US and UK education system that how you take time to complete your degree. Generally, the US take less amount of time than the UK Nike Air Force 1 Pas Cher , in degree programs the US takes one year and the UK takes more than one year. When you conduct master’s degree programs, in both systems you can directly admit in Ph.D. programs. In the UK it is very common to first finish your master degree program before going on to the Ph.D. In the UK courses are shorter because the universities focused more on their course program than in the US.

Grades and Homework

As we know that the US education system emphasis on a breadth that’s why the course requires readings and assignments that are based on small writing projects, oral presentations and research papers throughout the course. But in the UK, the class is based on lectures so Nike Air Force 1 Low Leather QS Homme Blanche Pas Cher , the students get the educational assignments in the whole semester, and the students are no required assignments, their all marks are based on one final exam. In us, your final result is based on your entire assignment performance.




In the end Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite Homme Noir Pas Cher , both countries provide an excellent education, each system has its own educational approach. They both have advantages and disadvantages so, if you are interested in getting an education in the US or UK, then you should consider the major differences that are mention in this article.



Author Bio

Tina Simon is the notable writer and blogger Nike Air Force 1 High Homme Jaune Pas Cher , after completing her Bachelor’s in (Arts and English Language) Scott starts writing essays, her every essay have quality, simple to read and an online essay help UK for readers. Aside from her activities, she stays dynamic on


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