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by on January 16, 2020


Lucknow popularly known as City of Nawabs Cheap Men's Nike Air Force 1 HI Premium Sneakers Sanded Gold-Wheat , the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is refined with the polite people. Being the cultural hub of India, Lucknow is known for the court dances, ghazals and its cuisines. It is also regarded as the centre of few old and reputed schools. The government is playing a keen role in developing primary and secondary schools with the aim of providing better education facilities to the students.


Apart from the government schools, private aided schools in Lucknow also provide good education to the children. Without differentiating between the caste, creed Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Special Force High Boots White , background or color, the schools are providing unbiased learning to all. The schools are affiliated to ICSE or CBSE board. Together with English and Hindi, Urdu is also used as the medium for learning. Most of the schools impart only primary education and the schools in Lucknow are reputed for imparting the standard knowledge to their students.


The schools that provide nurseries and mainstream education are in more demand. The top schools in Lucknow include:


1-Loreto Convent


2-Schools Kendriya Vidyalaya


3-Carmel School


4-Children's Academy


5-Modern School


6-City Convent School


7-Delhi Public School


8-Lord Jesus School


9-Oxford Public School


10-St. Dominic Savio College


Another big city of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut, is regarded to have second largest army cantonment area in the country. Lying in the proximity of Delhi Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 LV8 Casual Wolf Grey , it is also regarded as an ideal place for establishing industries. Also many people residing in Delhi and NCR wish to enroll their child in the standardized schools in Meerut. People residing here; do not have to fear about their child鈥檚 future for the school provides more than 50 schools that are known for the best education. Most of the schools in Meerut follow the syllabus set by the missionaries that includes study of Hindi and English language, Mathematics, Science, geography, history and computer science. Being the sports city of India Cheap Nike Air Force 1 07 Mid Triple White , the schools have included various sports and cultural activities like basketball; throw ball, football, badminton, volley ball, music Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 Black , painting and fine arts.


In addition to the co-educational institutes, Meerut has also offered the separate institute for girls run by mission sisters of Ajmer. The school focuses all its attention in providing the best education to the girls and thus, plays a vital role in their personality development and grooming. The girls educated from here are regarded as much smarter than others. The school is also placed at the first rank in the city.


Before choosing the school for your child, check out the academic results of your child. The schools must have good infrastructure, modernized technology Cheap Men's Nike Air Force 1 07 QS All Star Black , well equipped libraries and laboratories and well- ventilated class rooms. The teachers should also be well qualified and in an appropriate ratio to handle the students with utter care and protection. Safety indeed became the first priority of the parents for their child.




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is an educational website for admission in various schools across the India. Here you will find the list of Top ranking CBSE, ICSE, IGCSC, Boarding, International and Play Schools in India category and city wise. Explore Top schools in Lucknow and Residential-Boarding Schools in Lucknow or schools in Meerut and much more.


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