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by on January 14, 2020

I drafted a LOLB at Madden 16 and he ended up progressing extremely fast and was an 87 annually 2 and ended up leading the league in sacks for a decade and was a total. He was just like a 20th or so pick. Brian something, can not remember his name but Madden nfl 20 coins was amazing, having a guy prove to be a star like that is awesome. Especially in Madden 16 at which there was no scouting (I played 360) or anything, you simply went off projected around drafted and just watched them pan out to either busts or all time greats.

I have had two enjoyable ones. One was on 18 and another was on, like, 08. On 18 I discovered an I drafted AB using 94 TP whom I finished up only spamming training points in to so that he could be a starting QB. Ended up as a 99 by year 4 and turned in to a MVP. Another was a fullback that was an all around jack of all trades and was speedy. starting full back, act up running back used him, he plus third TE would score touchdowns like a man. It is genetic. I left a Madden player and drafted him. Ha.) And he's his"nephew". Boy do I really like doing this.

When with retires after 10 + years, I get a rush of nostalgia and emotions. Its like what do I do? Trevor Lawrence is hes and my QB in year 7 99ovr if he retires. The very best underdog Madden participant I signed up (who is an actual Madden player too) was Richie James Jr.. I had a slot WR, and he seemed to have the stats. He became my go to receiver that year and I got him off the practice squad and secured down the slot position.

I rolled out 4 different QB's first 6 years. Finally got my Franchise QB year to buy madden coins, to start 7! Got a 74 total hidden gem with 89 speed. 3 games in he 76 overall. Hoping he's an X-Factor! You can see what's behind the"hidden" by going to edit and looking at traits.. Saves you a year of wasting your time.Yeah I understand, I love to wait and see exactly what they are. He already plays than any other QB I'd. Only thing stinks is his 89 speed. And every time he gets QB runs that are sneezed on, even designed is fumbled by him.

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