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by on December 1, 2020

The latest Heist League of the Path of Exile provides a brand new ecosystem that can promote game development, and has a nine-player NPC terminal game system, hundreds of new items, dungeons and Heists, thereby expanding the breadth of the POE Currency of the Path of Exile. This has never been the case in the previous league.

Path of Exile is a complex game with Siena blending, whether for novices or experienced players. It is difficult for many players to understand the specific use of robberies and thieves. In fact, as long as the players are careful, they are not that difficult. I will briefly introduce two tips for everyone.

Every enemy in the Heist Alliance has a chance to drop Rogue Mark, which is a special coin that can open the door of Rogue Port. Players can also find contracts for killed enemies and can be used to trigger loot in Rogue Port Specific cache.

The behavior of contracts is similar to a map, and each contract has an area level that represents the power of the monster. These tasks will also point out the skills required, the collages that occurred, and list possible modifications when the contract is weird or rarity. Like the map, players can use currency items to modify these contracts to increase rewards, but the difficulty will increase.

As with the recent leagues, players can find all content related to the heist in the Rogue port, which is a new social space that can only be accessed by consumers of Rogue Marker. This location accommodates all NPC thieves, can buy fences marked by thieves for robbery rewards, and the ability to activate contracts and blueprints. Players will need to often Buy Exalted Orb to equip their characters, use blueprints to plan Grand Heists, and complete the contracts they have.

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