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by on November 26, 2020

The online role-playing game "Path of Exile" for PS4, Xbox One and PC will win three new events next month. They will bring classic league modifiers, event areas in remote areas, and the return of popular mods in past leagues. They ended with the release of the game's new extension 3.13, which will be released in January and will focus on POE Currency.

The event started on December 4th with the Mayhem event. He will use the classic modifiers of the "Path of Exile" alliance, such as Anarchy, Invasion, Breakthrough, Ambush, Torture, and Pioneer, and push them to the limit. In each area of ??the game, players will encounter one of the following situations: 20 traitor exiles, 20 safes, 20 invading bosses, 10 rifts, 20 tortured souls or 20 pioneers. Every area in Wraeclast will have one of the following mods-change every hour.

The second event will start on December 11th and will only be held at the Azurite Mine. Among them, in addition to the passive points that players can use for mission execution, they will also use some initial equipment to attack in the dark. Kitava penalties will also apply. Adventurers will not be able to enter any city or even enter the shelter.

The third event is Heist Flashback, which will start on December 18. In it, each "Path of Exile" area will contain several popular Mods from past leagues.

The prizes of these events include: a new demigod authority, a Twilight Mystery Box reaching level 50, and micro-transactions. Chaos Orb will be randomly drawn.

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