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by on November 23, 2020

Where bots were quite widespread on OSRS gold many distinct types of resources previously, they are more focused around a smaller quantity of botted resources nowadays. So you won't find bots around every yew tree.

So that is actually better for someone who hasn't ever played Runescape?

Rs3 is way easier to level up and less grindy. However, the combat is waay more complicated (and imo, enjoyable ).

But in the end they're almost very different games. I'd recommend giving a fantastic amount of time to (like 20 hours to every if you can) and seeing which you enjoy more. Or just play both on and off.

Keep in mind though RS3 really excels in end game supervisor content (And quests, but these are a 1 time done item ), but the battle is complicated and a little difficult to grasp.

I'm near my 15 year cape and that I still only use legacy combat. However, I don't boss, so it does not matter how much.

Sounded fine, but imo that the eoc combat is much more fun once you learn it. But there's quite a learning curve so you need quite a investment to understand it. Employing revolution to start off can be a way to get to it buy runescape mobile gold without a lot of trouble (though its still not as easy as heritage naturally ) Eoc is one of the best things to happen to rs imo but the launch has been HORRIBLE. However, now its quite nice minus some issues.

(Enjoy the cheapest runescape here you go!)

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