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by on November 21, 2020

You will have the option to pick an essential stage in the event that you have Rocket League on two unique  Rocket League Items consoles. This will make game movement a lot less difficult. Your RocketID has likewise been supplanted with Epic Friends so you can undoubtedly play with players from various stages. The change will be programmed. 

In the event that you played the game before it was allowed to-play, at that point you will get Legacy status. Heritage status isn't only for appearances. It will likewise give you some cool beauty care products rewards. Look at the features of the fix beneath. The compleThere are likewise some new principles around player-to-player exchanging. You'll have the option to exchange any uncovered Blueprint to different players, just as the things they manufacture. Likewise, you can exchange free drops and tradable things you gained before the Blueprint framework was presented. You won't have the option to exchange concealed Blueprints, so uncover them before you exchange them. 

On the official Steam declaration page, Psyonix gives a convenient guide with Buy Rocket League Items respect to what's tradeable and what isn't. Here's that direct in full.

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