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by on November 20, 2020

Path of Exile (Path of Exile) releases several expanded information and technical updates every year, and also releases new cosmetics (Grinding Gear’s main profit method is to sell POE Currency, more server options, role slots and other impacts Things of instant game). Most updates are for player requests. For example, the Deli Gear Grinding Machine is dedicated to improving skills and wands. But it also comes from years of learning how to update free online action role-playing games-there is no road map after all. "Path of Exile" is one of the first games of this type to be released.

Wilson said: "I think we are doing the right thing and publishing content that people like." "There are many ideas to ensure that we publish content that fits the path of exile, and I think we have some of them in the first few years after publishing. Struggling." The successful growth is because Grinding Gear has become better in terms of expansion, or because the company has learned lessons from the process of making terminal games over the years.

"The content of Path of Exile has a formula that contains content suitable for everyone. We have demographics of several players, and we will use their favorite content to attract everyone." Wilson said. "We spent some time to solve this mixed problem."

Wilson said that these early expansions focused entirely on the story, character customization, or early game additions, "not enough emphasis on hitting something for all players." "While this did satisfy this group of players, it did not really lead to an actual increase in the number of players because others felt underserved."

"So, as you have seen in the most recent RPG version, action role-playing games with large single-player games can attract your attention. Everyone likes to play in these games with Buy POE Currency, Therefore, if you can leave a lot of behavior on someone, you will get a lot of extra game time," Wilson said.

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