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by on November 16, 2020

If you want to know how skill gems work in Path of Exile, here is a brief introduction to how they are layered.

It can be said that "Path of Exile" leaves a lot of opportunities for new players to take the lead. You will see a lot of terms about POE Currency, POE sphere, POE trade, because the huge ARPG provides players with a wealth of customization options and so on. One of such features is gems, which may be difficult to adapt in the game, especially in terms of skill gems. However, this brief introduction to how to layer should help you understand how they are layered.

Hope to get the most benefit from it and find the most effective player. Divide skill gems into multiple levels. It ranges from S+ skill gems to drop, depending on their abilities and their effectiveness in a particular league.

Starting with S+, these are your best skill gem levels. This godlike layer is reserved only for the most powerful gems in the game, which require very little investment (if any) from you. Possessing an S+ grade gem will allow you to clear all maps at once.

An example is Arc, if you just want to destroy everything in front of you, then basically this is a skill you should pursue. Blade Vortex is another long-running preference in this category, and it has proven to be a powerful upgrade skill if you are willing to invest in it.

Then there is the S layer, which is slightly weaker than the S+ gem, but still has a punch in the right hand. This layer is a gem especially suitable for beginners, centered on Blade Flurry and the like, which can provide you with various construction options without spending a lot of PoE currency.

If you need POE Exalted Orb more, then Blast Rain may be very effective. If you can afford enough bows and arrows, you can even use Tornado Shot. Do you want to completely block the boss that hinders you and increase the speed of clearance? Then be sure to check the earthquake.

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