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by on November 11, 2020

Rather than rebuilding, most players prefer to follow the build guidelines. Although there is nothing wrong with this, creating a game in “Path of Exile” is a satisfying experience that allows players to truly explore the POE Currency system. Those who want to fall into the “path of exile” theoretical design crazy road should keep these tips in mind when developing the next version.

Studying how certain skills or mechanisms work can save a lot of trouble in design and construction. Besides playing games and reading “Path of Exile Wiki”, the best thing players can do is to read other build guides.

Pay attention to what skills, passive skills and equipment other players are using. If a skill is too new or not enough to find a high-quality guide, please visit and find the skill. View the passive trees of most build specifications, preview the equipment they use, and pay attention to their gem settings, including support and utility gems.

Most players will never get equipment of the same quality as a mirror, so why build equipment that relies on them? Focus on equipment that can be purchased, farmed, or handmade. Check out other build guides to learn what items are available for this build.

Another common mistake is that players assume that their character will reach the upper limit. Reaching level 100 in Path of Exile takes a lot of time that many players don’t have. Those who wish to complete Maps should set the goal at level 85, while those who spend a lot of time or wish to focus on a few builds should level 90 or 95. POE Items keeps the build realistic and makes it easier to decide which passives take precedence.

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