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by on November 23, 2019

One of the exercises that I have many clients do is list out all the successes they've had in life. I ask them to start with early childhood and list everything they can remember being successful at. One of my clients recently gave the assignment to his girlfriend. She asked me afterwards what the point was. She hadn't found it very useful.


What I told her is that that I've found that this exercise serves two important services. First Yannick Ngakoue Youth Jersey , it's a self esteem booster. Most people don't realize how many successes they've had in their lives until they write them down. Some express surprise and sometimes some modesty when sharing their successes. I'd recommend this exercise just for this boost alone, but the second reason for doing this is even more valuable. Success leaves clues behind.


When I ask a client to list their successes Leonard Fournette Youth Jersey , it's usually because they are stuck in some area of their business. They've tried several strategies to get unstuck and nothing has worked. When we take some of their major successes and analyze them, we find patterns. I ask them how they accomplished major tasks. What methodology did they use?


What we typically find is that they have a natural success style. For some people this is setting a goal and creating a detailed plan to meet that goal. For others it's just jumping in and doing whatever it takes to make it work. Others might just go with the flow and do what appears easy or exciting. One client set a small goal and met it. Then he set higher and higher goals meeting each one before he moved on to the next. It ended with four consecutive world championships.


So if you are finding yourself stuck in trying to accomplish a task in your business Taven Bryan Youth Jersey , stop right now and list out your successes. Start from being born?it's not easy to get out and start breathing. Move through your entire life and write down every success you can remember. You might have things like starring in a school play, completing a century on your bicycle Jalen Ramsey Youth Jersey , getting an A in a difficult subject. Make sure you cover graduations, college degrees Telvin Smith Youth Jersey , advanced trainings. Don't limit it to just work related or school related successes. Make sure you include the things you most enjoyed succeeding at.


Once you have the list, go through and pick two or three major ones and analyze them. What did you do to succeed? How did you feel? Were you afraid beforehand? If you were Nick Foles Youth Jersey , how did you cope with or minimize the fear? Did you do a lot of planning? Did you jump right in? Were you alone or did you have help? Find the reasons you succeeded.


Now look for a pattern. I did this recently because I was really struggling to get my business going strongly. The exercise revealed that many of my successes came when I had a structured environment with a lot of creative activities. I realized that I needed more structure in my business. I had plenty of creative time. So I found a friend that I can do weekly check-ins with that holds me accountable for my actions. Each week I share with him my goals or homework for the next week. Then when we meet I share how well I met the goal. This is making a huge difference in the success of my business. Try mapping your past successes and watch as it makes a huge difference in your current success.

>What are E-Commerce Business and Merchants?

Posted by merchantaccount on June 28th, 2018


E-commerce or online business is a term for a business DJ Chark Youth Jersey , or business transaction, that includes the exchange of data over the Internet. It is as of now a standout amongst the most imperative parts of the Internet to emerge.


We all are very well aware that when Business and commercial activities are done Electronically it is referred to as E-commerce. Sometimes back it was something which was an advancement in the sector of Business and Commerce but now it’s a requirement and is taking over rapidly the whole of the market. Present and future of Shopping is online and will be completely online. And this the reason we are seeing numerous start-ups Gardner Minshew Youth Jersey , entrepreneurs starting up with E-Commerce business and achieving their goals and growing globally. It helps a merchant to connect with their customers beyond the boundaries, and even made customer’s experience also fast Gardner Minshew II Womens Jersey , seamless, and most convenient.


See a Report


A report says that E-Commerce Business sales will cross the figure of 8 Billion by 2018 in the only US using the Mobile devices.


A PCI compliant Payment gateway which and be integrated with your E-commerce based Business website and allow your Customer to make a transaction online and help in placing an order and paying for it online. And Here is an important Role of Payment service Provider (Merchant Service provider) who will provide an account or gateway for Merchant to take the payments online. Since an E-commerce Business can fall under either High-Risk category or a low-risk Category as per nature and transactions involved in Business a merchant applying for merchant account Must cross-check for the business category:


The following criterion is a perfect match for any business that falls within the low-risk category –

And following is a perfect match for any business that falls within the High-risk category –
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Sales 201: Learning Tools of Your Trade

By Daniel Sitter

Copyright 2005 Daniel Sitter

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