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by on November 3, 2020

Many people who have just joined POE do not have enough knowledge about the game, so they have neither useful experience nor enough POE Currency to help them get on track. Players who want to earn enough POE Currency need to understand what Path of Exile's currency system is like. Unlike other APRG games, players do not need to obtain gold coins or standard currency items used to kill enemies, but various types of currencies with various uses.

If novice players want to get helpful equipment or materials from others, they also need a lot of POE Currency or POE Items to achieve this goal. Fortunately, players can use a variety of activities and strategies to increase their income. Whether using the alliance mechanism or investing in Maps, players who dare to go deep into the POE will receive a set of currency items and some rare items in the game. Here are some tips to help all players get rich in the game.

Many players have misunderstandings about supplier recipes. They feel that it can’t be of much use to their games. Using supplier recipes is a complete waste of time. In a league where Exalts is worth over 200 Chaos Balls, this can be said to be correct, but the Heist League has changed the price of Exalts to just over 60 Chaos. Therefore, when a league is in the early stages of development, if players can use the Chaos recipe well, then they can get a lot of money. Players will purchase a full set of rare equipment between levels 60 to 74, and get Chaos Ball from the seller. Other recipes include turning Maps into Cartographer’s Chisels with a 20-Quality Gavel, selling an ilvl75+ set of rare gear for a Regal Orb, and selling an influenced rare gear set for two or four Exalted Shards. These recipes are especially useful in Solo Self- Found.

If players can upgrade the map, it will be crucial for them to get tremendous benefits in the POE endgame system. They used alchemy orbs to add modifiers to the map, applied three-sixths of the atlas to the Atlas rock to grant additional creature packs, and used sacrificial fragments or scarabs to further enhance the number and rarity of the features degree. If some players don’t want to spend their time doing these things, and their financial strength is enough to support them to Buy POE Orbs, then they can indeed do as they want.


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