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by on October 21, 2020

In case you don't read the bullet points, please do not bother posting. I really don't think anyone is saying that being capitalist is bad. What is awful is the squeal is efficiently RWT for skill points. To answer your points one at a time. Jagex is almost bankrupt... I do not think anyone would complain about purchasing spins if players could not essentially buy skill lamps. . Buying skill lamps for  RS gold actual world munny is type'a like cheating in the game. That's what's most folks sterile. The Squeal is incredibly lousy value for money... That's a good point. Jagex should make the squeal a better value so that fewer people will go to competing sites to do RWT.

Less than 1% of players are going to have the ability to successfully fund xp gains... Although I've never bought a twist, my personality has increased several levels from exp gained from the squeal alone. Yelp has been replaced by the sombre troll... I didn't observe that. I'll notice the next time I log into or complete a quest. Offer prizes aside from lamps which are desired. And also make them tradeable!

You are finding almost every update (other than WoFibc ones) geared toward your participant group fun and engaging... Yes! Jagex is doing plenty of things right! I believe a part of this inspiration that fueled the squeal in the first place is that people often complain about"the mill." So Jagex answered that criticism by using a mechanism (the squeal) that allows people quicken the levels of their choice (giving away ability lamps as a common prize). That is all well and good. But it's the combination of selling spins for real world cash and giving off ability lamps as a common decoration that's the issue. Further, what is particularly infuriating is your hypocrisy. Jagex screams bloody murder when folks participate in RWT, yet they're running their very own RWT scheme.

Yes I read OP but placing another slant on it while answering the key question: Assuming this bullet pointed list is/were accurate, do you think the SoF should be shut down or substituted? Unfortunately for Jagex theyre working against (@ least) 3 strikes in a highly competitive & regularly changing industry;

1) A classic (10 decades + ) sport that despite routine updates & changes through the years, is still generally percieved as a classic not the"second thing" ( such as MOH & Counterstrike - still alot of gamers but not regularly maintained apart from servers on line that are generally player duties )

2) A massive gamer bias against Runescape as"a kiddies/starter MMORPG". As in point 1 that the regular maintenance & updates over the years belie this understanding, giving the game a greater depth & quality than rumour, but many won't even seem because of what they have read/heard.

3) Poor marketing positioning. Jagex/Insight Ventures still rely mainly on web based advertising & word of mouth, with some exceptions such as the gamer awards & occasional TV advertising in limited countries bringing the match to the notice of those who otherwise would not be aware. The other mainstream mentions of cheap RuneScape gold tend to be in news posts where the slant is definitely negative (theres been a few pedophile/ scammer instances over the decades ) which may bring attention but usually not of the sort that's desirable.

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