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by on October 17, 2020


Barely a  RS3 gold month before, I could make possibly 1m per two hours (1 on a good day) with my staking acc. And for a little while, it was great. You would have idiots trying to scam you with a crossbow or sling (but it would be ok as you have crossbow and sling), you would have people with poor stats, you'd have boxers that greatly overestimate themselves, but generally it was cool. You made money. Your competitors called you a hacker. Life was great.

Draynor got the first"night" effect in RS

These days, I can hardly find ANYONE for staking. I left 40k today. I'd had one person that was ready to stake me, AND that he was 15 levels greater. Everyone else is obssessed about friendlying, perhaps because they're so desperate to acquire those hat items that do absolutely nothing except seem ridiculous and grant you an emote. People are even, in effect, prostituting themselves by"selling" kills, a thing I find even more incredibly annoying than advertisements accounts. What else could explain the fact that virtually nobody is staking? There's an astonishing and amazing hidden skill from the hats that everyone knows but no one has bothered telling me around, and is completely worth the time and mind-numbing repetition necessary to obtain them. If it goes on for another month I am seriously considering quitting rs for good. I need you, my beloved fellow scapers, to tell me WHY this is happening.

I'm just wasting my time . Jagex scarcely ever reads their very own forums, and they wouldn't bother to read this. I looked at the upgrade newpost, to check whether there was anything of  cheap RuneScape gold particular interest this past week. The hats appeared intriguing, Draynor got the first"night" impact in RS... then I looked in the"upgrades" At first they looked awesome, especially having the ability to left-click bosses and decant 3-dose potions. However, there was one sentence that seriously disturbed me:"We've added a'Make-All' alternative.... For adding feathers ."


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