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by on August 6, 2022

Knowing the importance of sex dolls will allow you to know how much weight you can handle and what kind of Sex Doll you need. Adjust your size and interact with cheap sex dolls. No matter how tall or heavy you are, you will need to adjust the height and weight of your sex doll. Only the Love Doll that suits you can make your purchase of Sex Doll worth the money.

When we entered the Lovedollshops site, the first thing that caught our attention was the doll's perfect face and stunning figure. The weight of a Adult Solid Sex Doll is imitated by a real person, but have you seriously thought that a 40kg Sex Doll feels the same as you holding a 40kg real person?

In real life, we can easily pick up a 40kg girl, but a Sex Doll is not the same, 40kg Sex Doll may be relatively light compared to a Sex Doll weighing 50kg or more, but compared to a real person, It will be very difficult for you to pick her up, she needs to be picked up every step of the way when you put her on the bed and get dressed, you are exhausted, and you have no intention of exercising with her at all, even if you are physically strong Well, the fight is over, you have to take her into the bathroom.

This method makes it difficult for you to continue to use it, and it is more convenient to solve the needs directly with your own hands. The unhealthy result is tossing the doll in the corner, forgetting about it, and finally throwing it in the wild where I'll never touch it again. It's cruel and it's cold-blooded to throw any kind of Sex Doll away. Not only are you wasting money, but you're wasting the original intent of designing the Love Doll.

Some realistic parameters

Usually, 162cm sex dolls are huge and can only be placed on the bed, put the box aside, pose in different poses, change clothes and taken pictures. The 158cm doll weighs about 32kg, and the 162cm doll weighs about 54kg. Unlike Sex Doll, the real person will cooperate with you and make movements to help you save more energy, while Sex Doll can only rely on you, you must endure it with 100% strength.

Big Ass Sex Toy provide sexual pleasure and are closely related to romantic freedom in a relationship. The romantic and free concept of love does not have a long-term dominant sexual concept in reality. On the contrary, the utilitarian and commercialized concept of sex has quickly become the mainstream, sexual issues have become the focus of social attention, and love is often insignificant.

If you choose the wrong weight for your Love Doll, your sexual needs will not be fully met and your immediate pleasure will be greatly reduced. To maximize your happiness and romance, be sure to think twice when shopping for a doll. What you buy is not a simple, highly anthropomorphic doll, it is your realistic sustenance for sex, your materialized sustenance for love, and the beginning of your romance in a non-mainstream sense.

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